IAAPA Expo Europe 2023 Exhibitor Services Guide

The Exhibitor Services Guide (ESG) contains all the order forms and information you will need to have a successful experience at IAAPA Expo Europe. 

If you have questions please contact [email protected].


General Information

  • Unloading

    You can access the loading area via Tor 1, all loading doors are on ground level with direct access to the exhibition halls. While there is no truck parking available at Messe Wien’s premises, as recommended by Messe Wien you can find available truck parking spaces in and around the city by using a live app. Click here for the live app.

    Please Note! There are weekend traffic restrictions in Austria for trucks and trailers over a certain weight. Click here for full details on traffic restrictions, truck parking and unloading.

    Parking at Messe Wien

    Parkhaus A is the closest car park for IAAPA Expo Europe. It has 1,400 spaces and costs €4.20 per hour. Daily tickets are also available to purchase from the 4ForEverything webshop at the cost of €21.25 per day per vehicle. Daily tickets are available at this rate on the following dates: 22 - 30 September. When you park your car, please come to the 4ForEverything service desk located between Foyer A and Hall A to collect your daily tickets.

Exhibitor Deadlines And To-Do List

  • Item Supplier Description Early Bird Due Date
    Accommodation BNetwork This is where you will make your hotel reservation   


    IAAPA Expo Europe Hotels

    Shipping & Freight

    DSV Onsite Logistics and Handling/Freight & Transport  



    Onsite Lifting/Handling/Storage
    DSV Onsite Lifting/Handling/Storage  



    Lead Retrieval CDS Turn your phone or tablet to start collecting high quality prospects  


    Lead Retrieval Form

    Booth Fees IAAPA All fees must be paid by the due date   

    2 June

    IAAPA Expo Europe Contract Terms

    Webinar - "Get Your Fair Share of Traffic and Improve your ROI" IAAPA  Register here: Webinar: Get Your Fair Share of Traffic and Improve Your ROI | IAAPA   18 July
    Audience Participation Safety Form IAAPA If you are exhibiting a dynamic ride this form needs to be completed  

    28 July

    Audience Participation Form

    Booth Layout Form


    Space Only Exhibitors must complete this Booth Layout Form and include a drawing of their booth


    28 July

    Booth Layout Form

    Exhibitor Profile for Connect+ App IAAPA Ensure to get your listing in Connect+   

    18 August

    Expo Europe Exhibitor Profile | IAAPA

    Rigging 4For Everything 4foreverything store   23  August
    Graphics 4ForEverything 4foreverything store 9 August 1 September 2023 (final orders).  Artwork must be submitted by 8 September 2023
    Shell Scheme Extras 4ForEverything 4foreverything store 9 August 1 September 2023 (final orders).  Artwork must be submitted by 8 September 2023
    IT and Wi-FI K Messe Wien https://www.shop-messe-wien.k-business.com/exhibitions/597 4 September 5 - 21 September 2023 a 20% - 30% surcharge will apply.  From 21 September 2023 only upon availability and surcharges will apply
    Carpet/Flooring (Space Only Stands) 

    4foreverything store

    9 August +25% before 6 September 2023 and +50% from 7 September 2023 (depending on availability)
    Compressed Air 4ForEverything

    4foreverything store

    9 August +25% before 6 September 2023 and +50% from 7 September 2023 
    Electrics & Lighting

    4foreverything store

    9 August

    +25% before 6 September 2023 and +50% from 7 September 2023
    Stand Cleaning 4ForEverything

    4foreverything store

     9 August  +25% before 6 September 2023 and +50% from 7 September 2023
    Water & Waste 4ForEverything

    4foreverything store

    9 August +25% before 6 September 2023 and +50% from 7 September 2023
    Furniture 4ForEverything 4foreverything store 9 August 7 September 2023 (depending on availability)
    Catering to Booth Gerstner Exhibition and Congress Catering Bernadette Chevalier-Dorer, Email: [email protected]  

    12 September

    Catering Information


    Nameboard (shell scheme only) 4ForEverything

    4foreverything store

      8 September
    Hostesses CAM [email protected]  

    11 September

    Hostess Order Form

    Security CAM [email protected]  

    11 September

    Security Order Form

    Audio Visual 4ForEverything

    4foreverything store

      Orders placed after 12 September 2023 incur a 20% surcharge
    Booth Move In IAAPA Booths in excess of 54sqm on the 22 September can move in.  All Space Only can move in on the 23 September, Shell Scheme with machinery after 14:00 CEST on the 24 September and all exhibitors on the 25 September  Expo Europe Important Show Information   22-25 September
    Booth Move Out IAAPA Move out of hand carry items from 16:00 - 17:00 CEST on the 28 September.  Move out all booths 17:00 - 22:00 on the 28 September.  Friday 29 September all booths can move out from 08:00 - 16:00 CEST Expo Europe Important Show Information   28-29 September
    Booth Move Out Completed By IAAPA All exhibitors must have moved out by 16:00 on Friday 29 September Expo Europe Important Show Information   29 September
    Exhibitor Staff Badge Information CDS Registration for your staff for IAAPA Expo Europe is now open.    
    Exhibitor Guest Pass Information "How To" CDS Invitation of guests via guest passes for IAAPA Expo Europe is now available.    
    Floral  baum kultur Plants and Flowers  

    No deadline

    Floral Details

    Translators/Language Service EMS Entertainment Please contact Christoph Rahofer, email [email protected]   18 September
    Visa Invitation Letter IAAPA IAAPA will provide visa letters or letters of invitation for attendees and exhibitors during the registration process. Your visa letter will be sent to you by e-mail upon completion of registration. For further information, please contact Janet Doyle at [email protected].    

    Below contractors, suppliers and their contact details:

    Service Supplier Contact Details
     Stand Building (Official Stand Builder for 2023) 4ForEverything* are the official stand builder for IAAPA Expo Europe 2023

    Jaime Beobide, 4ForEverything

    [email protected]

    Other Suggested Stand Builders Chiaradia Exhibitions www.chiaradia.com Email: [email protected] Tel: +31(46)7111760
    Other Suggested Stand Builders rbF Exhibitions www.rbf-expo.com
    Rob Brand, Email: [email protected]
    Raphael Moonen Email: [email protected]
    Other Suggested Stand Builders Stand Out

    Julia Reith, Email: [email protected]

    Internet and IT K Messe Wien Jürgen Ringler, Email: [email protected]
    Train Travel  ÖBB The Austrian Railway Operator

    Janet Doyle, Email: [email protected]

    Air Travel 

    Lufthansa & Partners

    Janet Doyle, Email: [email protected]

Immediate Action Required

Space Only (Raw Space) Exhibitors

Shell Scheme Exhibitors

  • This section is for Shell Scheme Exhibitors, here you will find information and the forms that you need to complete and submit for IAAPA Expo Europe 2023.  If you are unsure if you are a Shell Scheme or Space Only Exhibitor please check your contract.  Shell Scheme includes the following:

    • 2.5m high octanorm shell scheme

    • White wall infill panels

    • 400mm high fascia constructed from octanorm system

    • White fascia infill panels

    • Nameboard with company name and country flag

    • Full-color IAAPA Expo Europe logo applied per open side of fascia

    • 1 x 1kW power socket per stand

    • 1 x LED spotlight per 3 sq.m of stand space

    • Grey carpet

Table Top Exhibits

Health and Safety

Show Rules and Regulations

Shipping and Handling

Venue Information - Messe Wien

Vendor and Service Order Forms

Marketing Opportunities