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Safety & Security

Delivering the highest level of safety is our priority

Creating safe experiences for both guests and employees is fundamental to our industry, and IAAPA has the training, tools, and expert insight you need to ensure safety and security are a part of everything you do.

Safety & Security Tools

Facility Excellence Tool Evaluate your current level of safe operations and preparedness with this interactive assessment.
Ride Safety Report Get the big picture on safety at fixed-site attractions with the results of this annual survey.
Stories of Safety and Security Articles providing advice and best-practices when enhancing a safe operation.

Partnering for a Stronger Industry

IAAPA works with safety organizations around the world to harmonize international standards across countries. Learn more about the different types of standards and IAAPA's work.

ASTM Standards   EN Standards   ISO Standards

IAAPA Safety Committees

The IAAPA Safety Committees recommend policy and provide strategic direction on safety matters. They represent the association on various standards writing and other safety related groups on a global and regional scale. These committees determine important positions on related questions, help prepare IAAPA’s safety events, and improve the safety record for the attractions industry.

Amusement Ride Safety Regulations

IAAPA promotes and advocates for the adoption of effective amusement ride safety legislation at the most appropriate level of government. Safety is our industry's number-one priority and the oversight provided by effective regulation is an important addition to steps taken by manufacturers and owners/operators to ensure that amusement rides are one of the safest forms of recreation.

Throughout the world, IAAPA staff and members work with regulatory authorities, inspection bodies, and standard development organizations to develop safety standards and regulations. These standards and regulations should be developed in consultation with industry stakeholders.

Stay up to date on IAAPA’s latest safety and advocacy work in Europe, Middle East, AfricaAsia PacificLatin America, Caribbean; and North America.

Please find HERE the Guidelines for Effective Amusement Ride Safety Regulations

Safety & Security Fact Sheets and Advisories

Stay on top of best practices and the latest trends in safety and security, as well as advisories on issues impacting the attractions industry around the world.

Amusement Ride Safety Learn about best practices in operating safe fixed-site rides.
Water Park Safety Explore the ways aquatic facilities operate with safety in mind.

Security Quick Links

Questions about security? Use these resources to inform operations.

Training and Best Practices

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