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Webinar: A Silicon Valley Guide to Engagement, Loyalty and Optimal Revenue

Event Type: Education
Venue: Online
Region: IAAPA Global
Member Price: $0 | Nonmember Price: $29
Credit Hour(s): 1

1-2 p.m. ET

Companies like LinkedIn, Amazon and Salesforce have created forever transactions with their customers by incorporating subscription pricing and community connections into their business models. As a result, consumer expectations about what membership means have changed dramatically. However, enabling billing practices that support memberships is only a minor part of a subscription solution. Hear best practices on how an organization should approach membership including benefits, sales, support and operational changes needed to attract and maintain that visitor for life. Leave with strategies to leverage this transformation at attractions to engage customers, build loyalty and establish predictable revenue at your facility.


Robbie Baxter, Subject Matter Expert on Memberships, Peninsula Strategies

Robbie Kellman Baxter

Subject Matter Expert on Memberships, Peninsula Strategies

Robbie Kellman Baxter brings over twenty years of strategy consulting and marketing expertise to Peninsula Strategies, a consulting firm focused on helping companies leverage subscription pricing, digital community and freemium to build deeper relationships with customers. Her clients have included start-ups and mid-sized, venture-backed companies as well as industry leaders such as ASICS,
Netflix, Electronic Arts, Microsoft, the NBA and The Wall Street Journal.

Peninsula Strategies has advised nearly 100 organizations in over 20 industries on growth strategy. Robbie works directly with every client as a subject matter expert, strategic advisor and transformational guide. 

A sought-after writer and keynote speaker, Robbie has presented at top Universities, Associations and Corporations, as well as to Corporate Boards and Leadership Teams around the world. She has created and starred in 10 video courses in collaboration with LinkedIn Learning on business topics ranging from innovation to customer success and membership.

Robbie is the author of The Membership Economy: Find Your Superusers, Master the Forever Transaction & Build Recurring Revenue, a book that has been named a top 5 Marketing Book of the Year by, as well as the forthcoming title The Forever Transaction (McGraw-Hill 2020). Robbie coined the popular business term “Membership Economy”. Robbie’s expertise with companies in the emerging
Membership Economy extends to include SaaS, media, consumer products and retail and community organizations.

Prior to launching Peninsula Strategies, Robbie was a strategy consultant at Booz-Allen & Hamilton, a New York City Urban Fellow and a Silicon Valley product marketer. Robbie received her MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business and graduated with honors from Harvard College.

Ryan Burtram, Sales Director –Ticketing & Queueing, accesso

Ryan Burtram

Sales Director –Ticketing & Queueing, accesso

Ryan works with world-class attractions and cultural institutions, helping redefine the guest experience, leveraging accesso’s visitor service technology. He brings extensive and broad technology experience to his role combined with a passion for delivering an outstanding visitor experience. Ryan grew up in Indianapolis where he learned to love attractions and a frequent guest of The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, Indiana Beach, King’s Island, and Cedar Point. Ryan calls Orlando, Florida and its wonderful cultural and theme park communities home.