IAAPA Workshop Financial Analysis for Parks and Attractions

Event Type: Education
Venue: Online

10 a.m. - 2 p.m. ET

Presented in Spanish

Join this workshop if you want to understand better, use financial information to evaluate current business performance, and make future decisions related to the administration of an attraction or area, to maximize its profits.

  • Use and understand the basic financial language to communicate effectively between areas or report results "in numbers".
  • Analyze the current financial status of an attraction area, based on main financial reports.
  • Determine loss-profit trends and projections based on the vertical and horizontal information analysis.
  • Make operational decisions that allow maximizing profits of the area, based on the financial impact.
Who should attend:

Young professionals, supervisors and managers who wish to consolidate or expand their financial knowledge and improve the financial performance of their area.

All people interested in the finances of the attractions industry.


This educational event is carried out using a financial model (simulator), embodied in a spreadsheet, which allows the attendees to create scenarios and make decisions and visualize the results, because of their actions.

The workshop is a single online session, synchronously, during which the different analyzes and scenarios are carried out in a practical way.

Save the date. Capacity limited.

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If you are interested in this worshop, please email LATAM Education for more information.