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Hope for the Day’s Things We Don’t Say Workshop. Presented by WeLearn

Event Type: Education
Region: IAAPA Global
Venue: Online
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Credit Hour(s): 1

1 - 2 p.m. EST

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WeLearn has partnered with Hope for the Day to bring you this timely webcast about proactive mental health care. 

HFTD's Things We Don’t Say workshop is a program designed to teach individuals how to understand self-care and be supportive to proactive mental health care for others. We press the discussion about stigma, its impact on individuals and communities, and teach practical skills for early recognition of mental health challenges that often go unaddressed due to the silence of stigma, building to a crisis stage.

About WeLearn
WeLearn is on a mission to build better humans through learning. We provide a full range of consulting, content development, and learning services to support the organizations we partner with.

About Hope for the Day
Hope For The Day® (H.F.T.D) is a non-profit movement empowering the conversation on proactive suicide prevention and mental health education.

Suicide has no prejudice, and 700,000 suicides are reported each year, with many more going unreported. In the US alone, over 130 individuals complete suicide on a daily basis. Through outreach, education, and action, we can equip people with the right tools to be proactive in their communities!

Suicide is a preventable mental health crisis. The primary obstacle to suicide prevention is the silence of stigma. Stigmas are social and cultural factors that try to dictate how we express ourselves and compel individuals to be silent on their internal experiences. Too often, we do not discuss mental health or suicide until it directly impacts our community.

Proactive prevention is about creating an environment that doesn’t wait for someone to reach a point of crisis to address their mental health. In doing proactive prevention, individuals step up to take action and facilitate the conversation on mental health in their spaces.

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Allison Herman headshot

Allison Herman

Director of Education, Hope for a Day

Educator and volunteer in mental health, suicide prevention, harm reduction, and LGBTQ+ communities. Experienced Production Artist with a demonstrated history (10+ years) of working in the marketing and advertising industry.