IAAPA Webinar: Lessons from Hellendoorn Adventure Park on Implementing a Successful Smoking Ban

June 11, 2024

Event Type: Education
Region: Europe, Middle East, Africa
Event Time: -
Venue: Online
Member Price: TBD | Nonmember Price: €49
Credit Hour(s): 1
Description: Join us to learn directly from Hellendoorn’s successful implementation of a smoking ban across their amusement park facilities. Recognized as a forerunner in promoting a healthier, smoke-free environment, Hellendoorn offers invaluable insights tailored for IAAPA members interested in similar initiatives.

In this session, you will:

- Adopt Proven Strategies: Directly apply Hellendoorn's tactics and approaches that effectively enforced their smoking ban.
- Formulate and Communicate Policies: Craft clear, enforceable no-smoking policies and effectively communicate them across your park.
- Mobilize Community Support: Actively engage staff and visitors to embrace and support the transition to a smoke-free environment.
- Evaluate Success: Measure the health and environmental improvements following the policy implementation.

This webinar not only details Hellendoorn's achievements but also unpacks the challenges they faced and how they successfully navigated them. Designed for facility managers, HR professionals, and safety officers within the amusement park industry, this session delivers the strategies and tools necessary to establish a successful smoking ban in your venue.
Please note: This webinar is scheduled for 3 PM CEST and will be conducted in English.
If you're not an IAAPA member but wish to attend this webinar, please reach out to [email protected] for


Danny van de Weel

Danny van der Weel

Manager of Marketing and Sales
Avonturenpark Hellendoorn

Danny van der Weel is the current Manager of Marketing and Sales at Avonturenpark Hellendoorn, having joined in August 2023. Prior to this role, he spent over nine years at the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, where he served as an Event and Project Manager, enriching the organization's events with his expertise. Danny also managed sponsorship accounts and stakeholder relationships for nearly five years within the same orchestra, enhancing partner relations and sponsorship engagement. His extensive experience in event management and marketing has been marked by his ability to blend creative strategies with practical outcomes. Based in the Rotterdam area, Danny is known for his dynamic approach to marketing and sales within the cultural and entertainment sectors.    


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