Webinar: The Tools That All Great Leaders Have

September 27, 2023

Event Type: Education
Region: North America
Event Time: -
Venue: Online
Member Price: $0 | Nonmember Price: $49
Credit Hour(s): 1

1-2 p.m. EDT

Every DIY-er knows that the right tools make or break a project. Proper tools instantly make any task more effective and efficient.

Leadership is similar. There is a direct correlation between the effectiveness of a leader and the success of their team. Poor leaders usually cause poor team performance and conversely, exceptional leaders usually cultivate exceptional teams. If leadership is a house, then there are time-tested “tools” that, when consistently implemented, produce extraordinary results. These tools lead to more effective and efficient leaders, which create stand-out teams.

In this webinar, you will learn the leadership development blueprint and afterwards be able to (1) create your own individualized development plan and (2) design a developmental game plan for your department/team.

A question and answer session will follow the webinar.

Attendees are eligible to earn one continuing education unit (1 CEU) towards IAAPA recertification. For more information about IAAPA Certifications, please contact Alissa DeMeglio


Shawn Welch

Shawn Welch


Shawn founded SWCo, a leadership training and development organization. SWCo exists to equip high-achievers with life’s key people-skills.  Before starting SWCo, Shawn was on the founding team of Typhoon Texas Waterparks where he served as Director of Organizational Development and helped them win the Brass Ring Award for Best Rewards and Employee Recognition Program in 2017.

Lesly Birkner, Managing Partner, FYI Tags

Lesly Birkner

Managing Partner
FYI Tags , Authorized Partner, Everything DiSC

Lesly Birkner supports attractions through tech, training, and procedure. With her extensive experience in executive and leadership roles encompassing operations, safety, security, and ticketing systems, Lesly specializes in leveraging tech and teams to drive operational excellence. Lesly played a pivotal role in the remarkable redevelopment of Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay in 2014, which brought the park back to life. She was the Vice President of Operations for the growing business for many years. Lesly is now the Managing Partner at FYI Tags, focusing on visitor communication technologies. She is recognized as an Authorized Partner and Certified Professional of The 5 Behaviors and Everything DiSC personalized leadership learning experiences, fostering cohesive team development. Additionally, Lesly actively contributes to IAAPA Education Courses as a Subject Matter Expert and serves on IAAPA's Human Resources Committee. Residing in her hometown of Hot Springs, Arkansas, Lesly keeps an eye on ways to assist businesses in evaluating cost structures while enhancing safety, visitor experiences, and team cultures.