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Catedral de la ciudad

IAAPA Latin American Summit 2019


Event Type: Connections
Venue: In-Person
Credit Hour(s): 16


  • Ground transportation in Guatemala City on April 2 and in Retalhuleu on April 3 and 4 from the host hotels to all activities.
  • Air transportation Guatemala-Retalhuleu-Guatemala.
  • Lodging in double or single occupancy at IRTRA Palajunoj Hostel in Retalhuleu on the nights of April 3 and 4.
    • Members
      • Single room in Retalhuleu              $ 790 USD
      • Double room in Retalhuleu p.p.      $ 690 USD
    • Non-members 
      • Single room in Retalhuleu               $ 950 USD
      • Double room in Retalhuleu p.p.       $ 850 USD
  • Behind-the-scenes tours and presentations at all the facilities visited.
  • Breakfast on April 4 and 5, lunch on April 2, 3 and 4; dinner on April 2,3 and 4.
  • Simultaneous Spanish-English translation in all conferences, presentations, and facility tours. Does not include post tour.
  • Does not include lodging in Guatemala City. But you can book with special rates at Real InterContinental Hotel here.


Mr. Ricardo Castillo Sinibaldi

President, Institute for the Recreation of Private Enterprise Workers of Guatemala (IRTRA)

Keynote Address

Mr. Ricardo Castillo Sinibaldi is an example of dedication, vision, and passion in the industry. Has been president of the Institute for the Recreation of Private Enterprise Workers of Guatemala (IRTRA) for almost 50 years, promoting a unique social model that has managed to provide world-class recreation to more than 60 million workers in Guatemala. 

He received the Order of the Quetzal in Guatemala, is part of theIAAPA Hall of Fame, and received the IAAPA Life Service Award. Mr. Ricardo will tell us about this exemplary work and will delight us with personal anecdotes about these 50 years as a pioneer and leader in the Latin American entertainment industry.

Diego Pulido Aragon headshot

Mr Diego Pulido Aragon

Corporate Director and General Manager, Banco Industrial

Keynote Address

Mr. Diego Pulido Aragón, a Guatemalan leader, will share the values and principles that sustain his vision as a businessman and committed citizen, founder of more than 35 organizationsrelated with financial sector, sports support and even to combat illiteracy. 

His commitment and taste for innovation and technology, his relationship with companies, entrepreneurs and collaborators, are inspiration and strategy that have led him to achieve important projects.

Currently corporate director and general manager of Banco Industrial, the most important financial organization in Guatemala and one of the largest in Central America, which celebrated its 50th anniversary under Don Diego Pulido's management.