Led by President and CEO Paul Noland, IAAPA staff are located in worldwide offices in Alexandria, Virginia, USA; Hong Kong SAR, China; Brussels, Belgium; Mexico City, Mexico, and Orlando, Florida, USA.

International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions
1448 Duke Street, Alexandria, VA 22314 USA 
Tel: +1 703/836-4800 | Fax: +1 703/836-4801
Website: www.IAAPA.org

IAAPA Asia Pacific Office
Level 15, Zoroastrian Building, 101 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Vice President: June Ko
Tel: +85 2538 8799 | Fax: +852 2538 8908
Email: asiapacific@iaapa.org
Website: www.IAAPA.org/connect/asia-pacific

IAAPA Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) Office

Rue du Congrès 37-41, B-1000 Brussels, Belgium
Vice President:  Karen Staley  
Tel: +32 2 609 54 45 | Fax +32 2 609 54 46
Email: europe@IAAPA.org
Website: www.IAAPA.org/connect/europe

IAAPA Latin America Office
Ave. Presidente Masaryk 111, Piso 1, Col. Chapultepec Morales, México, D.F. 11560
Vice President:  Paulina Reyes 
Tel: +52 55 3300 5915 | Fax: +52 55 3300 5999
Email: latinoamerica@IAAPA.org 
Website: www.IAAPA.org/connect/latin-america

IAAPA North American Office
7576 Kingspointe Parkway, Suite 188, Orlando, FL 32819 USA
Vice President: Richard M. Jackson  
Tel: +1 407/692-9711 | Cell: +1 407/970-1627 | Fax: +1 407/345-0801 
Email: RJackson@IAAPA.org


Paul Noland:
President and CEO (ext. 772)
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Susan Mosedale:
Executive Vice President (ext. 766)
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Jan McCool: Executive Assistant (ext. 747)
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Roxanne Pope:
Assistant to the President (ext. 758)
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Felicia Fett: Board and Committee Administrator (ext. 769)
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June Ko:
Vice President (Tel: +852 2538 8266)
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Jessica Yan: Senior Manager, Exhibition Sales (Tel: +852 2538 8277)
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Zenia Choy
Zenia Choy:
Manager, Conferences and Exhibitions (Tel: +852 2538 8211)
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Karen Kong: Manager, Events and Education (Tel: +852 2538 8299)
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Kim Tse: Administration Executive, Membership (Tel: +852 2538 8799)
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Education, professional development,  and training services team

Rebecca Turner
: Vice President, Education, Professional Development, and Training Services (ext. 764)
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Eamon Connor:
Director, Education and Certification Programs (ext. 744)
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Liderby Gladden
Liderby Gladden:
Manager, Education (ext. 372)
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Cory Luster
Cory Luster:
Manager, Training Services (ext. 299)
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Karen Staley:
 Senior Vice President (Tel: +32 2 609 54 45)
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Andrea Kolar:
Director, Exhibit Sales, EMEA (Tel.: +43 22162915)
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Claudio Boni
Claudio Boni:
Manager, Exhibit Sales, EMEA (Tel.: +39 3395384196) 
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Nico Reynders:
Manager, Membership and Meeting Planning (Tel: +32 2 609 54 45)
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Jeroen Verrezen:
Manager, Marketing (Tel: +32 2 609 54 45)
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Sylvie Stepanovic
Sylvie Stepanovic: Senior Manager, Membership and Program Planning 
(Tel: +32 2 609 54 45)
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Emily Popovich
Emily Popovich: Exhibit Sales and Sponsorship (+45 28942145)
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Florina Vintdevara: Membership Coordinator (+32 2 609 54 45)
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Exhibitions, Conferences, and Meetings Services team

Ryan Strowger:
Senior Vice President, Exhibitions, Conferences, and Sales (ext. 776)
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Melony Bildhauer:
Director, Meetings and Special Events (ext 791)
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Alice Mathu:
Director, Sales and Exhibitor Marketing (ext. 750)
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Stacey Mills:
Director, Conference & Trade Show Operations (ext. 745)
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Amy Pepin:
Senior Manager, Conference and Trade Show Operations (ext. 757) 
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Brian Skepton:
Senior Executive, Advertising (ext. 749)
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Julie Sullivan: Senior Manager, Exhibition Sales (ext. 754)
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Diane Williams:
Director, Meetings and Events (ext. 779)
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Matthew Witt:
Senior Manager, Exhibition Sales (ext. 748)
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Jessica Gelsinon
Jessica Gelsinon:
Manager, Sponsorships (ext. 740)
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Finance and Support Services team

Ken Troshinsky: Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer (ext. 741)
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Rosaria Leong: Controller (ext. 742)
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Kavita Avasthi: HR/Accounting Manager (ext. 743)
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Ivan Hicks:
Office Manager (ext. 10)
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Carlita Howard:  Accounting Manager (ext. 771)
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Paulina Reyes:
Vice President (Tel.: +52 55 33005915)
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Adriana Perez: Marketing and Membership Coordinator (Tel.: +52 55 33005915)
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MARKETING AND Communications Services team

David Mandt:
Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications (ext. 752)
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Colleen Mangone:
Director, Media Relations (ext. 759)
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Jay Kalathil: Manager, Website (ext. 775)
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Jeremy Schoolfield:
Editor-in-Chief, Funworld Magazine (ext. 762)
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Molly Fernandes: Director, Marketing (ext. 767) 
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Prasana William: Associate Editor, Funworld Magazine (ext. 763)
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Melissa Teates
Melissa Teates:
Director, Industry Research and Analysis (ext. 326) 
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Megan Keating: Manager, Event Marketing (ext. 290)
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Cameron Jacobs: Manager, Media Relations (ext. 778)
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Membership and Marketing Services team

Renee Joe
Renee Joe:
Vice President, Global Membership, Marketing, and Services (ext. 765)
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Marie Gatlin:
Membership Coordinator (ext. 746)
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Kris Rechin Phillips:
Manager, Membership and Marketing Services (ext. 774) 
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Leslie Hutcheson:
Senior Manager, Constituency Programs and Services (ext. 761)
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Richard M. Jackson: Vice President (Tel: +1 407/692-9711)
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Lori Sullivan: Manager, Membership and Events (Tel: 703/872-9927)
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Randy Davis:
Senior Vice President, Safety and Advocacy Services (ext. 753)
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Stephanie See:
Director, State Advocacy (ext. 755)
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Austin Gold: Senior Manager, Advocacy (ext. 869)
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