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John Hallenbeck, Vice President, IAAPA North American Operations

Welcome to IAAPA North America. Our team is here to serve IAAPA North American members by creating valuable connections and hosting engagement opportunities throughout the year, bringing together fellow attractions industry colleagues. We invite you to learn more about all IAAPA North America has to offer by exploring our website or contacting us. There are many ways to engage with IAAPA and the attractions industry such as sharing your expertise by volunteering on one of our many Committees, speaking at an IAAPA event, and continuing to learn by attending a networking event or online Webinar. Please do not hesitate to contact me or my team any time.

- John Hallenbeck Vice President and Executive Director, IAAPA North America

IAAPA North America
4155 West Taft Vineland Road Orlando, FL 32837
+1 321/319-7688
Ask Us About Committees
The IAAPA North America Advisory Committee is made of members in the United States and Canada. Volunteering on a committee can help shape the future of IAAPA and the industry.

Notes from IAAPA North America

Press Releases Family Entertainment Center (FEC) Operators Share, Engage, and Grow at IAAPA FEC Summit 2018 International Participants Connect in Laguna Beach, California during Sixth Annual Event.
John Hallenbeck, Vice President, IAAPA North American Operations

John Hallenbeck

VP and Executive Director, IAAPA North America
+1 321/319-7649
Robert Baldwin, North American Membership Engagement Representative

Robert Baldwin

IAAPA North America Membership Engagement Representative
+1 321/319-7671
Ashley Cooper headshot

Ashley Cooper

IAAPA North America Administrator
+1 321/319-7657