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Welcome to IAAPA Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). Our team is here to serve IAAPA members by promoting and representing the interests of the attractions industry in the region. IAAPA EMEA provides valuable educational offerings throughout the year, develops positioning papers in support of Govenment Relations, and works diligently to promote industry safety and security standards.

Whether you are a large theme park, small museum, supplier, or consultant, IAAPA EMEA is here to support your business and bring the global attractions community together. We invite you to share your expertise by volunteering on one of our many Committees or attending an in-person or online program.

Please don‘t hesitate to contact us in case we can be of any assistance.

-Jakob Wahl Executive Director and Vice President, EMEA Operations IAAPA

Contact our Europe, Middle East, Africa Office
Rue du Congrès 37-41, B-1000 Brussels, Belgium
+32 2609 54 45
+32 9252 16 01
Ask Us About Committees
The IAAPA EMEA Advisory Committee is made of members in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Volunteering on a committee can help shape the future of IAAPA and the industry.

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27 - 29

IAAPA Expo Europe 2022

IAAPA Europe, Middle East, Africa
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IAAPA Expo Europe 2023

IAAPA Europe, Middle East, Africa

Notes from IAAPA Europe, Middle East, Africa

Notes IAAPA's Statement of Support for the Barcelona Zoo Letter to Barcelona Mayor Ada Colau supporting accredited facilities around the world with animals in their professional care.
Notes IAAPA's Statement on New Gaming Regulation in Spain Letter sent to government officials in Spain regarding the new gaming regulations.
Press Releases IAAPA Leadership Conference 2019 Brings Together Global Attractions Executives in Abu Dhabi/Dubai, UAE

IAAPA Europe, Middle East, Africa Staff

Jakob Wahl, Vice President, IAAPA Europe, Middle East, Africa

Jakob Wahl

Vice President, IAAPA Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA)
+32 2609 5445
Andrea Kolar, Exhibit Sales Director, EMEA

Andrea Kolar

Director, Exhibit Sales EMEA
+43 2216 2915
Manjana Roth, Director, Operations

Manjana Roth

Director, Operations Brussels Office
+32 2609 5445
William Khabbaz Neto, Operations Director

William Khabbaz Neto

Director, Operations
+32 2609 5445
Nico Reynders, Membership and Meeting Planning Manager

Nico Reynders

Manager, Membership and Meeting Planning
+32 2609 5445
Tom Vandenbroucke, Education Manager

Tom Vandenbroucke

Manager, Education
+32 2609 5445
Esperanza Pechek-Pokieser, Exhibit Sales Manager, EMEA

Esperanza Pechek-Pokieser

Manager, Exhibit Sales EMEA
+43 6646 421089
Annadora Buonocore, Exhibit Sales Manager

Annadora Buonocore

Manager, Exhibit Sales EMEA
+32 2609 5445
christian burkle, headsot

Christian Bürkle

Manager, Marketing and Communications
+32 2609 5445
Katia Malnati headshot

Katia Malnati

Manager, Meetings and Events
+32 2609 5445
Ignance Woinin Headshot

Ignace Woinin

Coordinator, Membership
+32 2609 5445
Iuliana Fornea, Administrator Assistant

Iuliana Fornea

Coordinator, Exhibit Sales EMEA
+32 2609 5445