IAAPA América Latina y Caribe

IAAPA Virtual Water Park Forum: Latin America and Caribbean

September 21 and 28, 2021.

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Join the IAAPA Virtual Water Park Forum: Latin America and Caribbean to hear from industry experts, who will share relevant topics for this constituency such as marketing and sales strategies, human resources and training, other revenue operations, trends, and innovation.

Meet and network with industry peers during this two-day networking and educational digital event.

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COVID-19 Support for Members in Latin America, the Caribbean Region

For the past year, IAAPA has been working to support members around the world through the COVID-19 pandemic. Guest and employee safety has always been our industry’s top priority, and IAAPA continues to provide resources, guidance, and connections to members around the world.
IAAPA's thorough resource, “COVID-19 Reopening Guidance: Considerations for the Global Attractions Industry”  is available in both English and Spanish. IAAPA continues to share it with local and regional governments and public authorities tasked with reopening their communities to help communicate the work the industry is doing to ensure safe operations for guests and employees. The guidelines have also been referenced by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in their Global Guidelines to Restart Tourism, and the World Tourism and Travel Council (WTTC) in their Attractions: Global Protocols for the New Normal resource.

We encourage members to download, use and share this document as they prepare to reopen in 2021.

For additional resources and support, IAAPA members can access the exclusive COVID-19 resource center for timely information, contacts, updates, and data, as well as current advocacy efforts.

IAAPA members in need of immediate assistance should contact Paulina Reyes directly.



Colima 161, of. 6002, piso 6 Col. Roma Norte, C.P. 06700 Alcaldía Cuauhtémoc, CDMX México

USA: +1 321/319-7600

Email: [email protected]

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IAAPA Virtual Water Park Forum: Latin America and Caribbean

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Young Professionals: Latin America | Caribbean

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Carta de la Vicepresidencia

Paulina Reyes

Bienvenidos a IAAPA América Latina | Caribe. Nuestro equipo está aquí para servir a los miembros de IAAPA en la región, brindando apoyo continuo y recursos valiosos, así como promoviendo la importancia de la seguridad en esta industria en la región.
Lo invitamos a compartir su experiencia sumándose como voluntario en uno de nuestros comités o participando en los importantes estudios de investigación de IAAPA. Su aportación nos permite avanzar en nuestra misión de promover los más altos estándares profesionales de excelencia y seguridad en todo el mundo. Esperamos poder servirlo.
- Paulina Reyes
Directora Ejecutiva y Vicepresidente, IAAPA América Latina | Caribe.

Pregúntenos acerca de los comités

El Comité Asesor de IAAPA para América Latina y Caribe está compuesto por miembros en toda la región. Los voluntarios de los comités y subcomités ayudan a dar forma al futuro de IAAPA y de la industria.

Equipo de trabajo IAAPA América Latina y Caribe

Paulina Reyes, Vice President, IAAPA Latin American Operations

Paulina Reyes

Vice President, IAAPA Latin American, Caribbean
+1 703 518 0296
Roberto Becerra, Education Manager

Roberto Becerra

Manager, Education
+1 571 257 4157

Ana Elisa Benavent

Meetings and Events Planner
+1 321 319 7616
Patricia Mansur

Patricia Mansur

Manager, Brazil
+1 321 319 0836
Itzel Hernandez Terrazas, Administrative Assistant

Itzel Hernandez Terrazas

Membership Coordinator and Administrative Assistant
+1 703 518 0297