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Tiratori attivi e criminali solitari, le principali sfide per l'industria delle attrazioni.

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This webinar presents the challenges that preventive management and reactive measures imply for the entertainment industry in the event of attacks by active shooters and or lone aggressors, considering the following:

  • Main elements of context, possible dissuasive measures (surveillance, technology, coordination with authorities, and social media monitoring)
  • General motivations of the attacks
  • Weapons and means of attack available to the aggressors
  • Prevention and reaction schemes depending on the sites (internal and external aggressions)
  • Mitigation measures inside the facilities





Manuel Balcazar

Director, MB Consulting

Manuel has served in the three orders of government in Mexico: Deputy Director General of National Security (Presidency of the Republic); Advisor to the Head of the Naval Intelligence Unit (Secretariat of the Navy); Director of Research for Equity (Secretariat of Social Development of Chiapas); Head of the Crime Prevention Unit (Secretariat of Public Security of Chiapas), among others.

In the academic field, he has been a lecturer at the Ministry of Defense of Guatemala (2006), and the Intelligence Secretariat of Ecuador (2014), as well as an instructor at ITESM, Monterrey campus (2017) in intelligence analysis. From 2004 to 2014 he worked as a professor of the National Security Diplomate at the Universidad Iberoamericana. He is a member and associate researcher at the ITAM Center for Security, Intelligence, and Government Studies, where he has been a lecturer (2019).