Astrid Steharnig-Staudinger

Company name
Austrian National Tourist Office
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Short biography
Astrid Steharnig-Staudinger has been CEO of Österreich Werbung, Austria's national tourism organisation, since 1 May 2023. The 45-year-old has spent her professional career in a wide variety of areas of the tourism industry. Born into a Carinthian agricultural and hospitality family, the graduate of the Carinthian Tourism Schools also holds a business degree with a focus on Central and South Eastern Europe. Astrid began her professional journey in the marketing and sales departments of international hotel groups. In 2003 she moved to the Austrian capital, where she was responsible for destination marketing in the CEE markets and Scandinavia for the Vienna Tourist Board. In 2008, Astrid founded Linking Brands, an internationally oriented agency for establishing brand and business cooperations between tourism partners with well-known consumer brands. Astrid Steharnig-Staudinger led Linking Brands for a total of 15 years until April 2023.