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Take a Laughter Break for the Health of it!

Event Type: Education
Venue: Online
Member Price: $0 | Nonmember Price: $49
Credit Hour(s): 1

1 - 2 p.m. ET

CEU(s): 1

Take a break to learn about the concept of “Laughing for the Health of It” in this fun, stress-relieving, interactive program. We will discuss the relationship of humor and laughter to mental and physical wellness; the role of laughter in human development; as well as when and what kind of humor is appropriate. Attendees will learn takeaway exercises so you can incorporate laughter into your everyday life, in order to boost your resilience for when life is not so funny.


Noreen Braman

Noreen Braman

Author, The Smile Side of Life Laughter & Happiness Club

In 2010, Noreen Braman—who had already reinvented herself after a contentious divorce—was reeling from a corporate downsizing, dealing with a economic recession of historic proportions, and facing her own midlife issues. Soon her skills as a strategic communications professional, humorist and performer would send her in a new direction.

By the end of that year, she became a certified Laughter Yoga Leader, had her mind blown at a conference called “Can Humor Save the World” and studied the Psychology of Laughter (Here's an article by the teacher of that course) at Rutgers University. In 2012 she added certification in Laughter Wellness, studied the Science of Happiness through  UC Berkeley in 2016, joined the Association for Applied & Therapeutic Humor (AATH) and has been presenting laughter for the health of it through her Smile Side of Life Laughter & Happiness Club presentations ever since. She continues to add to her knowledge base through continuing education and certifications, workshops, conferences and seminars.
Noreen credits Dr. Paul McGhee’s book “Humor as Survival Training for a Stressed Out World" as well as Linda Richman's "I'd Rather Laugh: How to Be Happy Even if Life has Other Plans for You," for helping her understand the importance of humor and laughter to all humans. With the physical and emotional health benefits that come with humor, laughter and mindfulness, Noreen deals with her fibromyalgia and thyroid disease with humor, reminding us all that yesterday’s problem can be today’s funny story.

Noreen is an award-winning Strategic Communications Professional and author of "Treading Water."

Headshot of Meaghan Campbell

Meaghan Campbell

Director of Human Resources, Whiting's Foods


Meaghan Campbell, Director of Human Resources with Whiting’s Foods on the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, has been working at the beach for a quarter of a century! She has onboarded thousands of people, earned two HR certifications, and assisted Whiting’s Foods in earning 4 Brass Ring awards!