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IAAPA Webinar + Exchange: Successful Strategies – Foster a Safety Culture (Delivered in Chinese)

Event Type: Education
Venue: Online
Member Price: $0 | Nonmember Price: $29
Credit Hour(s): 1.5
Webinar: 10 a.m.-11 a.m. China Standard Time (CST)
Exchange: 11:05 a.m.- 11:45 a.m. China Standard Time (CST)

Join a new, exciting event format: IAAPA Webinar + Exchange, where participants will learn from an IAAPA Webinar and then connect with peers in a small group setting. 
加入新的网络研讨会 + 交流活动形式,参与者将在IAAPA网络研讨会学习,然后以小组形式与同行交流。
This session will reveal effective strategies for gaining cast members and vendors buy in, proactively boost safety success overall and work together toward reducing the risk of accidents. By creating expectations and educating employees through innovative and engaging communication formats an organization is able to create obtainable goals at all levels (executive, leader and front line) that create the accountability for consistent performance that not only meets, but exceeds the regulatory compliance requirements. You will learn from speaker some strategic initiatives help to build an effective safety culture, and some real examples of best practices like:

  • Develop a comprehensive safety training and communication plan
  • Set safety performance expectations and develop measurement system
  • Develop consistent consequences for safety performance and behaviors

IAAPA Exchange presented by the IAAPA Young Professionals Sub-Committee: There will be a 5-minute break when the Webinar concludes and then participants are invited back to for an Exchange session where networking discussions will be held in small groups. The speaker will be available in the small group discussions to continue the conversation and answer questions.
IAAPA Exchange是由IAAPA青年专业小组委员会推行:网络研讨会结束时将有5分钟的休息时间,然后邀请参与者参加交流会议,该交流会议将以小组形式进行。演讲者将在小组讨论中继续进行对话并回答问题。
Participants will earn 1 CEUs for Webinar and 0.5 CEUs for Webinar Exchange toward IAAPA Certification renewal.




Phil Hong

Phil Hong

Senior Manager, Safety, Fire and Health Service, Shanghai Disney Resort

Phil Hong, Safety Director, Shanghai Disney Resort
洪飞, 安全总监, 上海迪士尼度假区
Phil Hong is the Safety Director at Shanghai Disney Resort. Phil has more than 20 years of field experience and rich corporate safety management experience in the construction, chemical, manufacturing and theme park industries.
In 2011, Phil joined Walt Disney Imagineering in the early stage of the construction of the Shanghai Disney Resort project as senior manager of safety and health. He was responsible for establishing Shanghai Disney Resort’s Safety and Health Management System based on Disney’s global safety standards and local best safety practices, and leading the implementation to ensure the health and safety of all on-site project team members.
Phil transferred to operation team in 2015 as the Senior Manager of Safety, Fire and Health Services. He was mainly responsible for the establishment of SHDR’s Safety, Fire and Emergency Response Team, and the development and implementation of Shanghai Disney’s safety management system and procedures to ensure the success Grand Opening of Shanghai Disney Resort, and the park’s continuous safe operation.