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IAAPA Webinar + Exchange: Emerging Trends and Innovative Projects in China and Global Markets

Event Type: Education
Venue: Online
Member Price: $0 | Nonmember Price: $29

Webinar: 9 a.m. – 10 a.m. China Standard Time (CST)
Exchange: 10.05 a.m. – 10.45 a.m. China Standard Time (CST)

IAAPA网络研讨会 + 交流: 主题娱乐在中国和国际范围的新趋势

(Delivered in Chinese 中文演讲)

Join a new, exciting event format: IAAPA Webinar + Exchange, where participants will learn from an IAAPA Webinar and then connect with peers in a small group setting.  

加入新的网络研讨会 + 交流活动形式,参与者将在IAAPA网络研讨会学习,然后以小组形式与同行交流。

In recent years, in addition to the development of large scale theme parks, we are seeing an increasingly greater variety of innovative projects in the Themed Entertainment and Immersive Experience spaces. Some examples are: immersive theater and dinner shows, immersive movie exhibitions, multi-media night tours of gardens and landscapes, and story-driven brand experience centers. In this Webinar, please join us for a fun-filled discussion of the many emerging trends, innovations and new possibilities in our industry.


IAAPA Exchange presented by the IAAPA Young Professionals Sub-Committee: There will be a 5-minute break when the Webinar concludes and then participants are invited back to for an Exchange session where networking discussions will be held in small groups. The speaker will be available in the small group discussions to continue the conversation and answer questions. 

IAAPA Exchange是由IAAPA青年专业小组委员会推行:网络研讨会结束时将有5分钟的休息时间,然后邀请参与者参加交流会议,该交流会议将以小组形式进行。演讲者将在小组讨论中继续进行对话并回答问题。

Participants will earn 1 CEUs for Webinar and 0.5 CEUs for Webinar Exchange toward IAAPA Certification renewal. 






Xiao Bao

Xiao Bao

Creative Producer, 鲍晓, 创意制作人

Xiao Bao is a Themed Entertainment Creative Producer. He was born and raised in the beautiful and innovative city of Hangzhou, China. Over the years, he has had professional experiences in LA, Tokyo, Hangzhou, Yokohama, Shanghai, New York, and Singapore.

Xiao graduated with Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Entertainment Technology at Carnegie Mellon University and National University of Singapore. He started his career in the themed entertainment industry with internships at Walt Disney Imagineering in Glendale, Lucasfilm Industrial Lights & Magic and Morey's Piers in Wildwood, New Jersey.

As a creative producer, Xiao has been working with studios, including Google Themed Experience Studio and Cityneon Group. He has had the pleasure of supporting many great projects, including: Google Experience Center Tokyo, Google Experience Center LA, immersive exhibitions based on Jurassic World, Avatar, Marvel's The Avengers and more. 




Sean Cai

Sean Cai

General Manager, China, Scruffy Dog Creative Group SDC

才宁, 创意设计中国区总经理, 娱乐创意集团

Sean Cai is currently working in British entertainment creative company-Scruffy Dog Creative Group as general manager, in charge of business development and project management in mainland China.

Sean graduated from Jilin Architecture university civil engineering major, used to work for Shanghai Disney Imagineering Company as project coordinator in Tomorrow Land area, responsible for show, ride, architecture, structure, MEP etc. total 12 trades coordination.

After worked as term contractor project manager and set up 150-person team to maintain park operation parkwide. After Disney, Sean joined Roche innovation center project as project manager, top 5 theme park design as general manager, mainly in charge of BD and project management. Sean has participated in Shanghai Smurf park project, Tencent penguin FEC park, Wanda Octonauts, Wanda Guilin theme park, Evergrande water park and other well-known projects. 

才宁任职于英国乐园设计Scruffy Dog中国区总经理,主要负责中国区商务及项目管理。

才宁毕业于吉林建筑大学土木工程专业,曾就职于上海迪士尼幻想工程公司明日世界项目协调员,主要负责包括show, ride, 建筑,结构,机电,等共12个专业的协调管理工作。后期作为TC项目经理组建150人团队参与全园区的移交维护工作。

后分别任罗氏研发中心项目经理,top 5的国际乐园设计公司任职中国区总经理,主要负责项目管理及商务工作。参与上海蓝精灵主题乐园,腾讯小企鹅乐园,万达海底小纵队,万达桂林主题乐园,恒大水世界乐园等知名项目的设计工作。