IAAPA Webinar: Opening with Confidence: Essential Safety Checks for Entertainment Sites - ARABIC

June 26, 2024

Event Type: Education
Region: Europe, Middle East, Africa
Event Time: -
Venue: Online
Member Price: TBD | Nonmember Price: €49
Credit Hour(s): 1
Description: Dive into the crucial steps of pre-opening checklists and audits in our comprehensive webinar tailored for theme parks, theatres, and concert venues. Learn how diligent inspections and proactive safety protocols not only safeguard guests and staff but also set the foundation for financial triumph.

In this interactive session, you will:

• Conduct Strategic Inspections: Identify potential hazards and confirm all systems are operational with our guided focus areas.
• Manage Risks Effectively: Address issues promptly to avoid costly setbacks and compliance penalties.
• Boost Customer Attraction: Learn how maintaining a pristine venue can draw more visitors and enhance word-of-mouth referrals.

We'll share actionable insights and real-world success stories demonstrating how thorough audits contribute to smooth launches and efficient operations. Ideal for site managers and safety/compliance officers, this webinar equips IAAPA members with the knowledge and tools necessary to launch with confidence and sustain a successful entertainment venue.

Please note:

This webinar, scheduled for 4 PM GMT+3, will be conducted in Arabic.
If you're not an IAAPA member but wish to attend this webinar, please reach out to [email protected] for more information.


Ismail Nassif

Ismail Nassif

Operations Director
Alhokair Group

Ismail Nassif is an esteemed operations director with over 16 years of distinguished experience in the entertainment industry. Armed with a master's degree in financial markets, he has seamlessly blended his financial acumen with his passion for entertainment, emerging as a pivotal figure at Alhokair Group for the past 13 years. Throughout his tenure, Nassif has earned numerous accolades for his exceptional management of various acclaimed brands under the Alhokair umbrella. Beyond his professional endeavors, Nassif is a devoted family man, finding fulfillment in his role as a loving husband and proud father of four children. His commitment to excellence in both his personal and professional spheres reflects his unwavering dedication to success and his innate ability to balance multiple priorities with grace and skill.


Please Note: Agenda is subject to change.