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IAAPA Member Deal Days

What’s your best offer?

Bring your best offer to IAAPA’s first-ever Deal Days flash sale event. For three days IAAPA is connecting manufacturers and suppliers with thousands of potential buyers. This virtual discount connection gives you a chance to showcase your products and lowest prices to a global audience eager to score real deals. The number of vendors will be limited, but IAAPA will promote the event to thousands of member attractions and facilities. 

How the sale works:

  • Decide on your offer, exclusive just for IAAPA Members.
  • Pick between two different options for your listing for IAAPA Member Deal Days. (UPDATE:  Premium listings are sold out)
  • We’ll send you a link to an electronic form for you to pick your category listing and upload your offer and details. All offer content must be submitted by 5 p.m. EST on December 10.   Listing details will include your company name/logo, product image, offer headline/description, and a webpage and email address to help potential buyers take advantage of your offer.
  • Update your website to include information on how to take advantage of your deal.  You can sell your product on your website, or for more complex packages or products list contact information on how to take advantage of the deal.
  • We’ll get the word out to IAAPA Members to visit IAAPA.org December 15-17 to take advantage of the savings. The sale kicks off at 9 a.m. EST on December 15 and wraps up at midnight EST on December 17.
  • You can promote your involvement in the sale, but we ask that you do not promote your specific offer details anywhere but on the IAAPA Member Deal Days pages.
  • The IAAPA Member Deal Days pages will shut down on December 18, but you can take as much time as required to close the deal with potential buyers.
  • Only active, IAAPA Members categorized as Manufacturers and Suppliers are eligible to include a listing in this sale.

Member tip:   If you are not directed to the IAAPA Member Deal Days listing after you log-in to IAAPA.org, visit the IAAPA Bookstore to buy your listing.

Your IAAPA Deal Days offer must:

  • Be exclusive to IAAPA Members.
  • Exceed 15% off regular pricing OR be a unique product/service/package only available to IAAPA Members.
  • Your deal does not have to apply your full offerings. You deal can be on a specific item, product, or service.
  • Be available for purchase on your website, or include information on how to take advantage of the deal.
Disclaimer: All offers listed on IAAPA Member Deal Days are made by third-party suppliers or providers, and any purchases or transactions are entered directly with such third parties. IAAPA has no responsibility or liability for the terms of such offers or transactions, or for the services or products provided by such third parties.

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