The waterpark industry has produced an excellent track record of delivering safe family recreation. In fact, a visit to a waterpark is the safest way for families to play together in the water. Achieving these results is not as effortless as floating down a lazy river attraction, however – it takes a great amount of dedication and teamwork each day.


  • MEMBER ALERT: Model Aquatic Health Code draft module on lifeguarding has been released. The comment deadline has been extended to September 30. Click here for more information.


Model Aquatic Health Code

The U.S. Center for Disease Control is facilitating the development of a Model Aquatic Health Code. The MAHC is being written by industry experts (many of them IAAPA waterpark members) and will cover a broad range of topics relating to the aquatics industry. The MAHC is created in modules, which are released for public comment as they are completed.

The industry supports the development of the MAHC. IAAPA is monitoring the release of the modules, and notifying members of comment periods.

Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act

The VGB was enacted in 2008, and aims to prevent entrapment drowning. IAAPA continues to be involved in the implementation of the law.

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