ASTM International F-24 Committee on Amusement Ride and Devices

  • ASTM International is one of the largest independent standards-writing bodies in the world.
  • ASTM International creates standards for a multitude of materials, products, test methods, and systems for a variety of industries.
  • The F-24 committee establishes standards on amusement ride design and manufacturing, testing, operation, maintenance, inspection, and quality assurances.
  • The committee is comprised of consumer advocates, government officials, amusement park operators and suppliers, and amusement ride operators.
  • ASTM F-24 standards undergo frequent review and revision to keep up with the latest technologies.
  • Where applicable, biodynamic data is considered, which produces amusement ride system guidelines to safely accommodate the broadest segment of the population.
  • Developed as voluntary standards, they have been incorporated by 38 states, and in countries around the world.

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