U.S. Regulatory Affairs

IAAPA closely monitors regulations that impact the attractions industry.

Current Issues

J1 Visa Reform

While recent regulatory activity has not had a major impact on IAAPA members, burdensome regulations may cause members to reduce or abandon participation in the program, which would have negative impacts to the business, community, and perhaps even to the U.S. diplomatic agenda.

The J-1 Visa SWT program is a cultural exchange program where international college students can come to the United States during their breaks from school to work and travel.

IAAPA members are good participants in the J-1 visa program. Attractions facilities provide positive work environments where students can perfect their English language skills, as well as exposure to both U.S. and international culture, both in the workplace and through employer-organized cultural events.

The U.S. Dept. of Justice is working on further regulations for captioning, web sites, and self-service equipment.