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  • IAAPA PAC is a way for IAAPA members and staff to join together and donate to the campaigns of candidates who share an interest in the attractions industry. Federal law prohibits corporations or associations from donating to political campaigns; however members, shareholders, and employees of these organizations can donate up to $5,000 annually to a separate fund called a Political Action Committee or PAC.

    Supporting IAAPA PAC represents a true investment in the attractions industry and makes a real difference in our association’s and the industry’s future.Without PACs and voluntary support from millions of donors, the face of modern campaigns could be dominated by wealthy activists willing to spend whatever it takes to defeat or elect a candidate.

    There are many ways IAAPA members can support the PAC, either through direct contribution, payroll deduction programs, or attending PAC fundraising events. The first step is to fill out a prior approval form, which enables us to send you information about PAC opportunities and events.

    For more information about IAAPA PAC, please contact us.