Health Care Reform And The Attractions Industry

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is exceptionally complicated and comprehensive. It contains hundreds of provisions which will impact virtually every business, person, and health care entity in the nation.

Some of the sections of the law require action by federal and state agencies before they can be put into effect. Others are subject to widely varying interpretations and must be clarified by administrative action. Accordingly, implementation of this massive statute requires the issuance of hundreds of regulations, guidances, policy statements, rulings, and other regulations from numerous federal agencies including the Department of Health and Human Services, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the Department of Labor, the Treasury Department, and the Internal Revenue Service. In addition, state governments will be required to promulgate far-ranging rules to implement portions of the law for which they are responsible

The regulations implementing the ACA are lengthy and complex and in many cases are cross-referenced to, and correlate with, other regulations issued by HHS, Treasury, and Labor. Members are advised to seek expert assistance in assessing their duties under the ACA.

What's New

  • Read IAAPA's comment letter on proposed rule on Employer Responsibility provisions.
  • U.S. Treasury released proposed rule and FAQ document on Employer Responsibility provisions, including:
    • identification of covered employers;
    • the definition of full-time and full-time equivalent employees;
    • look-back measurement method for determination of full-time employees;
    • look-back measurement method for new variable hour and seasonal employees;
    • offers of coverage to employees and their dependents;
    • affordable coverage and affordability safe harbors;
    • calculation and imposition of assessments on non-compliant employers;
    • coverage of dependents.
  • Read IAAPA's comment letters on Health Care Reform in the GR Archive.

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