Give Us Your Feedback: 2012 Midway Games Survey

Midway games managers, please take five minutes to tell us of your 2012 season success. This survey seeks information on games product mix, games per caps, cost of goods, size of games operations, and other benchmarking questions. 

Data from the survey will be used at IAAPA Attractions Expo 2012 midway games workshops, and the results from the complete survey will be available for download in a PDF format after IAAPA Attractions Expo 2012. 

This will be an extremely useful tool to benchmark your midway games operations against the rest of the industry. The survey contains 30 questions. It will take just five minutes to complete, and will be immensely helpful to you, IAAPA, and other midway games operators. All responses will remain anonymous and confidential. 

If you do not have direct responsibility for your facility’s midway games operations, please forward this to the appropriate contact.