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  • Be part of the Grass Roots Coalition!  IAAPA is a part of the Don’t Change our Change coalition, which is working to educate policymakers on the tremendous effects these changes would have on businesses with coin-operated equipment. As part of this effort, the United States Mint is now seeking written comments from coin industry stakeholders on the effects of changing qualities such as weight, color and electromagnetic signature of our circulating coinage. Comments on other possible impacts are also welcome, along with comments on possible environmental impacts and the length of time necessary for a transition and/or implementation period if coinage material were to be changed.

    Don't Change our Change!

    Changes in metallic content could call for anything from a simple recalibration in vending machines to the installation of new coin-accepting equipment, with a cost that would range from $100-$500 per machine. With an estimated seven million vending machines across the country, the costs of such changes could amount to an industry cost of $3.5 billion.

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