Polin Unveils Bevy of New Products this Week


Polin Waterparks (Booth #1378) is showcasing a number of cutting-edge rides at this year’s Expo. The company’s new Splash VR product marries waterproof virtual reality (VR) headsets to a real-time raft tracking system on Splash VR-equipped water slides. “We exactly know the location of the rider,” said Polin Director of Marketing and Communications Şöhret Pakiş. This feature allows Splash VR’s 3-D video (displayed within the headsets) to synchronize with the rider’s physical position and visual perspective, enhancing the ride’s realism, while avoiding rider motion sickness.
The Splash VR system, which can be integrated into existing water slides, has been installed at The Land of Legends water park in Antalya, Turkey.
Pakiş also showcased Polin’s Splash Cabin and Slide’N Score. Splash Cabin is a stationary attraction where guests wear a VR headset and battle animated opponents on an interactive screen—who, in return, battle back with water. Slide’N Score combines rider-activated remote controls with flashing lights within a water slide. The riders push color-coded buttons on the remotes as they pass various colored LEDs, allowing the riders to score points.
Additionally, Polin released its new Mantis Class-A water slide, which allows riders to race against one another when two symmetrical slides have been installed side by side. The attraction features a mix of open and closed slides, plus a giant concave curved basin that leads to a final short tunnel and finishes in a run-out or splash pool.