IAAPA Webinar: be IAAPA: Top Ten Insights from IAAPA Benchmark Data

  • Dates: 18 – 18 Apr, 2018
Souvenir refill programs have become the cornerstone of many food service The top ten insights from the the IAAPA Amusement Park, Water Park and FEC Benchmark Reports will be highlighted. Examples of possible ways to use the data for better operations and planning will be provided for each insight. 

By the end of the webinar participants will: 
• Data available from IAAPA 
• What the data says about our industry 
• How to use the data in your own planning and improvements 

- Melissa Teates, CAE, Director, Industry Research and Analysis, IAAPA   

This webinar is free and open exclusively to IAAPA members; pre-registration is required. 

Slides and a full recording of this program approximately 8-10 business days after the webinar. Visit the webinar archive at: http://www.iaapa.org/events-education/education/e-learning/e-learning-past-programs 

Registrants may earn one credit-hour for participating in this webinar. This credit-hour can be applied to the credit-hours needed to complete IAAPA’s certification program. Details on IAAPA’s certification program can be found at www.iaapa.org.