IAAPA Webinar: Animal Welfare: Trends, Issues, and Strategies

  • Dates: 21 – 21 Feb, 2018
Over the past decade, public concern about the welfare and rights of animals has grown exponentially. The implications of these trends are significant and profound for zoos, aquariums, attractions, and parks that display or feature animals. Three former high-level zoo and aquarium executives will explore the key components of these issues, with a focus on providing actionable information about  how organizations can understand, cope with, and proactively manage potential public criticism. The panel will discuss questions like: Which species are of particular focus and why? What are the public’s perceptions of animal welfare? How do we assure/communicate to visitors that animals are receiving good care/ experiencing good welfare?

By the end of this webinar participants will:
- Learn about how public attitudes are evolving regarding animals in professional care in attractions.
- Get some practical guidance on physical and operational cues the public looks for when they assess animal care and welfare.
- Understand some key elements to include when developing public messaging regarding animals in professional care.

- Jim Hekkers, Former Managing Director, Monterey Bay Aquarium
- Jackie Ogden, Ph.D. Former Vice President, Animals, Science and Environment Walt Disney Parks and Resorts
- Jill Mellen, Ph.D. Former Education & Science Director Disney's Animal Kingdom

This webinar is free and open exclusively to IAAPA members; pre-registration is required. 

Slides and a full recording of this program approximately 8-10 business days after the webinar. Visit the webinar archive at: http://www.iaapa.org/events-education/education/e-learning/e-learning-past-programs 

Registrants may earn one credit-hour for participating in this webinar. This credit-hour can be applied to the credit-hours needed to complete IAAPA’s certification program. Details on IAAPA’s certification program can be found at www.iaapa.org.