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What’s New - June 2016

by Keith Miller

Waterplay Introduces New Clear Dumping Bucket

Waterplay introduces the Big Top Soaker, a dumping bucket that brings a big splash experience to its Cirque aquatic play collection. The attraction’s translucent bucket lets guests watch in anticipation as the bucket fills with water and then tips, releasing an enormous splash. At 15 feet in height, the Big Top Soaker stands on curving legs, giving the appearance of performing on stilts. The bucket, designed with transparent AquaLume, allows light to illuminate the water as it rises.


Adventure Golf Gives LittleDuffer Mini Golf an Update

Adventure Golf has rolled out an upgrade to its LittleDuffer Mini Golf, a course that features smaller fairways and greens linked together with bridges. The company says the new layout is more fun and is easier to use as a rental or for special events because of simpler assembly and multiple options for set up around existing barriers. LittleDuffer offers nine- and 18-hole packages, or a buyer can purchase as many holes as needed. Fairways, greens, bridges, and rubber obstacles can also be purchased separately. The price for the nine-hole course is $11,505 and requires a minimum space of 1,500 square feet.


More Efficient Chlorine Production from ChlorKing

Recent improvements to ChlorKing’s NEX-GEN series of on-site batch chlorine generators have increased their production efficiency by 10 percent, dropping the cost for bleach production to $0.43 per gallon, less than a third the cost of chlorine, according to the company. ChlorKing adds that a projected service life of 10 years for the NEX-GEN system could cut production costs by 67 percent over a 5-8 year cycle and eliminate the safety and environmental problems associated with handling toxic and hazardous chlorine.

NEX-GEN produces pH-neutral liquid chlorine (bleach) from salt stored in a feeder in the pump room. The four NEX-GEN models produce 10-80 pounds of chlorine per day.