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What’s New - July 2016

Solar Pool Cleaner Goes Robotic

by Keith Miller

Solar Pool Technologies (SPT) announced RobotShop Inc. has begun distributing SPT’s Solar-Breeze NX solar-powered robotic pool cleaner on its website. RobotShop specializes in personal and professional robot technologies and has logistic centers in Canada, the United States, and France. Solar-Breeze NX can reduce a pool’s energy bill by up to two-thirds. The robotic cleaner also has a chlorine dispenser that releases chlorine evenly across the pool, reducing chemical consumption by an average of one-third. Attachments allow it to adapt more effectively to pools with outcroppings, beach entries, and other complex features.


Intercard Unveils EMV-Compliant Teller

Intercard, which offers cash management solutions for the amusement and casino industries, is now offering EMV-compliant tellers. Since being put into effect in the United States last October, the EMV standard leaves businesses currently using credit-card devices that are not EMV-compliant open to potential fraud. EMV is a technical standard for chip-enabled credit and debit cards that stores data on integrated circuits rather than magnetic stripes.