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What's New - May 2017

Paris Site Furnishings Releases Tough, Modern Waste Containers

Paris Site Furnishings introduced its Premier series of waste and recycling receptacles with contemporary styling and robust vandal-resistant construction. Available in 20- and 34-gallon sizes, these flare-topped models feature a slightly sloped top ring, which helps funnel tossed debris into the lined cans. Optional side door access simplifies servicing the 34-gallon receptacles. The rust-proofed and powder-coated products are available in a variety of colors. Built-in anchor holes allow for secure mounting to solid surfaces like concrete. Their contemporary styling was created for interior or exterior applications in restaurants, hotels, and other hospitality venues.


QuibicaAMF Introduces Intelligent Pin Illumination

QubicaAMF, the largest manufacturer of bowling and mini-bowling products in the world, announced the launch of CenterPunch Deck Lighting, an intelligent pin-illumination product. CenterPunch is the only pin deck lighting system controlled through a bowling management system and the only one that responds to on-lane events such as strikes, spares, and more. It gives centers the possibility of designing and delivering light shows across the facility, or using different shows on different lanes for varying customer groups, like leagues and birthday parties.


Sega Channels Midway for New Game

Sega launched Hoopla, a redemption game, earlier this year. Based on the classic carnival game of the same name, Sega’s Hoopla challenges players to toss hoops onto pegs within the time allotted. Getting all seven hoops onto pegs activates a bonus round, where players must then react quickly to get a hoop onto the moving bonus peg to win the big bonus ticket value. Hoopla features a brightly lit cabinet with colorful theming. The lowered playfield is specifically designed to encourage kids and adults to play, and features a conveyor belt that constantly feeds hoops to players. 


McCain Foodservice and Hostess Make Deep-Fried Deliciousness

More than 85 years after its introduction, a famous and long-beloved cream-filled snack cake is now available in a new way—hot! McCain Foodservice introduces new Hostess Deep Fried Twinkies in a ready-to-deep-fry form through a partnership with Hostess. With a light and crispy coating concealing a hot, creamy center, Hostess Deep Fried Twinkies’ foodservice version follows a successful grocery debut in summer 2016. Embellishments are encouraged, like garnishing the treat in sprinkles and powdered sugar and serving with dunking sauces as Twinkie Pops.