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What's New - March 2017

New Product Line from Waterplay

Waterplay introduces more than 125 redesigned freestanding features for aquatic play spaces that include optimized water effects, modular activity towers with endless configurations, and water management solutions featuring breakthrough technologies. Waterplay says this represents the biggest product transformation in the company’s history. The modular activity towers are elevated play solutions that can be adapted to any space or design requirement. They feature a system of activity pods, stairs, connections, slide flumes, and play features that afford enormous customization options. The Playconnect mounting system allows for easy installation and feature placement.


DNP Offers Panoramic Printing

DNP Imagingcomm America Corporation has released new software for its flagship DS620A dye-sublimation printer that will enable panoramic printing and a new luster-finish mode. The DS620A Firmware v1.41, DS620A Driver v1.0.4.2, and Hot Folder (HFP) Print Utility v2.2 allow the DS620A to produce high-quality 6-inch x 14-inch and 6-inch by 20-inch panoramic photographs. The software allows for affordable and quick printing of panoramic photos. It also allows for printing images in a specific order, applying color corrections, and can support multiple DNP printers. The software updates are a free download from DNP’s website.