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Tips to Optimize Time and Save Money at Theme Parks and Attractions


Tips to Optimize Time and Save Money at Theme Parks and Attractions

The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) compiled a list of tips to help guests save time and money when visiting parks and attractions.

IAAPA’s money-saving tips include:

  • Call ahead. Most attractions will help you find great deals if you ask.
  • Check the park’s website. Purchase tickets prior to your arrival and you may save some money.
  • Follow or friend the park on Twitter or Facebook as they may offer special promotions or package deals to their fans.
  • Inquire about package deals that include food, beverages, admission to several attractions, and/or lodging.
  • Buy a season pass or annual membership. These usually pay for themselves in less than three visits, and often include other benefits, such as discounts on parking, food, and gift shop purchases.
  • Ask about “twilight” rates. Some attractions will discount the ticket or offer the next day free if you enter the attraction after a certain time of day.
  • Consider multi-day tickets. Many attractions discount tickets if you plan a longer visit. The more days you buy, the cheaper the ticket for each day.
  • Some attractions offer discounts for children, students, senior citizens, local residents, military personnel, AAA members, and guests with disabilities. Be sure to ask if you are in one of these groups.
  • Check with the human resource department at your office or at retail outlets (fast food chains, gas stations, grocery stores, and soft drink companies) for discount tickets.
  • Be flexible. Some attractions offer reduced admission prices for visits during certain times of the year or on specific days of the week.
  • Consider a group rate. If there are 10-15 or more people in your group you may qualify for a discount.
  • Check the picnic policy. Some parks and attractions allow guests to bring food and drinks from home.

IAAPA's tips to optimize a visit include:

  • Visit on weekdays. Weekends are traditionally the busiest time for attractions.
  • Ask about new express line options to bypass lines at your favorite attraction.
  • Plan your visit ahead of time. Prioritize which attractions are most important to your family and do those first.
  • Once you enter the park, start at the back of the park – avoid 60 percent of the crowd.
  • Check the park’s operating schedule before you go.
  • Look at the forecast and plan for weather.
  • Plan breaks in your day to cool off and rest.




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