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Plants vs. Zombies - August 2016

Garden Warfare: 3Z Arena

Carowinds, Charlotte, North Carolina


The zany “Plants vs. Zombies” game has blossomed into the world’s first dueling, “intra-active, 3-D game experience” at Carowinds. The amusement park joined forces with game creator PopCap Games and Electronic Arts (EA) to premiere “Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare: 3Z Arena” this spring. 

Carowinds turned to Alterface Projects to create the 3,600-square-foot theater, which has 68 motion-based seats equipped with custom blasters, two massive 3-D screens, and surround sound. Players from Team Plants and Team Zombies compete side-by-side against one another to achieve the highest scores as they shoot at the screens. The five-minute backyard battle features the newest characters from the video game including Super Brainz, a zombie superhero who thinks he’s an ’80s action movie star.  

The alliance with the comical Plants vs. Zombies brand reflects Carowinds’ commitment to offering experiences that keep the whole family happy, the park says.