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Panda World - August 2016

Everland Resort

Yongin, South Korea


Everland Resort is pandering to its new pair of pandas with a purpose-built Panda World. Designed by dan pearl­man Experience Architecture, the 7,000-square-meter area contains a panda enclosure, together with a facility that houses an exhibition, classrooms, shop, café, and caretaker areas.

At Panda Plaza, panda sculptures and food and beverages greet visitors. A path leads people through Otter Falls—with an otter enclosure and koi pond—to an exhibition about panda life and conservation.

“The landscape of the Sichuan Province was our main theme in designing the exhibition,” says Kieran Stanley, CEO of dan pearlman. “We wanted visitors to feel like they’re transported to the habitat of the giant pandas.”

A “Twilight Experience” provides visitors with a glimpse of the pandas’ nocturnal habitat. The architects consulted with panda experts to create the animal enclosure, which provides the ideal shelter and mating conditions. If the pandas aren’t out and about, their daily activities are looped on screens.