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New Rides and Attractions Open Across Europe in 2014

For Immediate Release, March 4, 2014

2014: Record-Breaking Number of New Rides, Parks, Family Attractions and Themed Areas in European Amusement Parks

The 2014 season of the European attractions industry marks the opening of a record-breaking number of new parks, rides and shows all across Europe. As more than 300 amusement parks in Europe prepare for Easter opening, many of them are about to introduce new attractions to surprise visitors with even more enjoyable experiences. The attractions industry has an average annual investment of more than 500 million euros on new rides only (CAPEX). Among other investments, visitors can also expect to enjoy brand new water parks, entertainment and immersing themed environments.

Amusement parks all over Europe can look back on a good year in 2013. Most of the parks were able to see an increase in both their attendance and revenue. The success has been attributed in part to good weather conditions during summer months and an increased interest in seasonal events (like Halloween and Christmas openings) that drove visitation to the parks during autumn and winter.

Park operators are looking forward to another strong year in 2014 and are introducing a number of new attractions to drive visitation. “Parks continue to invest in and introduce innovative new attractions to drive attendance from repeat and new visitors” says Karen Staley, Vice President of European Operations of the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA). “These investments are unprecedented in 2014. Completely new parks and water parks are opening around Europe and exiting attractions are introducing a variety of attractions from roller coasters and water rides to brand new areas that bring to life some of our favorite children’s characters and stories.”

Three brand new parks will open in Europe in 2014 in Sochi (Russia), Ungersheim (France) and Rome (Italy). In addition, a number of water parks will open next to existing theme parks all over Europe.

A list, compiled by IAAPA, of some of the new attractions opening all over Europe in 2014 follows.

Wiener Prater, Vienna, Family Attraction
“Geisterbahn” will be the new family attraction for Austria’s Prater in 2014. This new zombie ghost train will transport visitors into a house full of surprises. A sky dive attraction will also be ready by the beginning of the new season.
Park Opening: 15 March 2014. www.prater.at

Bobbejaanland, Lichtaart, Show

Starting this season, Bobbejaanland will be the only Belgian outdoor amusement park that can call itself the home base of “the Smurfs™”. Peyo's blue friends will be given a permanent presence in the park, where visitors can see them live at work. This season, the blue figures will be present every day for meet and greets with visitors, interactive shows on stage and photos with their fans. For this project Veronique Culliford (daughter of the creator of the franchise, Peyo), joined forces with Roland Kleve (CEO Bobbejaanland) in order to bring the Smurfs™ to the park.
Park Opening: 5 April 2014. www.bobbejaanland.be

Djurs Sommerland, Nimtofte, Themed Area

Djurs Sommerland opens a whole new themed area – “Vikingeland” – complete with two new Viking rides for all the family to enjoy. Guests will board “Drageskibet” like real Vikings and hang onto their helmets as they set sail on the stormy ocean, swinging 20 metres up in the air and laughing with glee on this thrilling high-seas adventure. They will also need energy to conquer the new “Vikingetårnene” – a test of strength where they have to hoist themselves 8 metres up for a fine view of all the fun in store.
Park Opening: 10 May 2014. www.djurssommerland.dk

Knuthenborg Safari Park, Maribo, Family Attraction
Knuthenborg Safari Park introduces Denmark’s tallest flume ride “Congo Splash”. Passengers embark the ride at the African themed station before floating through curved channels into the forest. It then climbs the 16 meter lift hill where it floats in a 40 meter elevated trough section with a unique view over the Knuthenborg Savanna. It then drops down a chute, ending with a big splash.
Park Opening: 26 April 2014. www.knuthenborg.dk

Legoland Billund, Billund, Family Attraction
Legoland is taking the entire family on a journey full of horror, shocks and laughter in “Ghost – The Haunted House”. When visiting this haunted place be aware of the Crazy Scientist and his mad experiment that will send the daring riders floating and perhaps even drop! Guests may expect to see vampires, ghosts, monsters and all sorts of creepy-crawlies on their way out.
Park Opening: 5 April 2014. www.legoland.dk

Le Pal, Dompierre-sur-Besbre, Family Attraction

Le Pal is taking its visitors on a journey to old Louisiana in the new water ride “Alligator Bay”. At first, it may seem like a quiet boat trip, but adventurers should pay attention for alligator attacks and water battles. They will not be able to escape from this adventure untouched.
Park Opening: 19 April 2014. www.lepal.com

Futuroscope, Jaunay-Clan/Poitiers, Family Attractions
Futuroscope opens the “Time Machine”, a new immersive attraction inspired by the world of the Raving Rabbids which offers a blend of art and technology. The Time Machine is the result of the expertise of both Futuroscope and the Ubisoft Company, who have united to produce the first attraction in Europe entirely devoted to the characters of a video game. The park also presents “Mission Hubble”, a 3D space rescue mission on telescope Hubble and the simulator ride “Virus Attack”, a high speed chase to stop virus invasion inside the human body.
Park Opening: 15 February 2014. www.futuroscope.com

Disneyland Paris, Marne-La-Vallée, Family Attraction
Disneyland Paris unveils a major new attraction and mini-land inspired by the Oscar-winning Disney•Pixar film Ratatouille. This state-of-the-art ride shrinks guests down to the size of a rat and will affect all senses. Guests are invited for an adventure full of excitement and surprises as they travel through Gusteau’s kitchen. “Ratatouille: The Adventure” will be the first dark ride in the Walt Disney Studios Park, part of a mini-land also featuring a shop, Chez Marianne Souvenirs de Paris, and a rat-scale themed table service restaurant, Bistrot Chez Rémy. The park is also continuing on its ambitious renovation plan in all of its hotels to further improve guest comfort and services. On 10 April, Disneyland Paris along with Disney Parks worldwide will also celebrate the 50th anniversary of "It's a Small World”, the world-famous attraction.
Park open all year. www.disneylandparis.com

Parc Astérix, Plailly, Kids Area
The world of Astérix expands in 2014 with the opening of “The Forest of Idéfix” in Parc Astérix. This new themed land with rides of 5000 m2 in the heart of the park is completely dedicated to families and children. Idéfix will bring visitors to some of his druid friends with their funny inventions. The new area will contain five new rides called Aérodynamix, Enigmatix, Lavomatix, Etamine and Hydrolix. The park will also unveil a new restaurant in this area.
Park Opening: 12 April 2014. www.parcasterix.fr

Le Parc du Petit Prince, Ungersheim, New Park
The very first aerial theme park will open in the Alsace region. “Le Parc du Petit Prince” will be owned and operated by the Aerophile group, well known for its tethered gas balloons. The park invites visitors on a poetic journey on planet Hero of Antoine de St. Exupéry, populated with foxes, sheep, roses and butterflies. And in the air there will be planets and balloons flying high in the sky. Park Opening: July 2014. www.parcdupetitprince.fr

Le Grand Parc Du Puy Du Fou, Les Epesses, New Themed Area
Visitors of Puy Du Fou will be able to rediscover the Renaissance in a brand new area of 80.000 m2.in one of the most popular parks in France. All themed to the richest cultural periods in history, there will be a new show “La Renaissance du Château”, a new restaurant “Les Deux Couronnes” and even a new hotel “Le Camp du Drap D’or”. Guests will also get the opportunity to find their way through the brand new themed environment “Le Chateau du Puy du Fou”.
Park Opening: 12 April 2014. www.puydufou.com

Europa-Park, Rust, Family Attraction

Europa-Park is opening an innovative new dark ride called “Arthur The Ride”, based on the popular smash hit movie trilogy Arthur and the Invisibles from star director Luc Besson. The ride system is a world’s first by Mack Rides. Guests will be able to take a dynamic flight through seven fantastic kingdoms. Starting from the microcosmic world into the real natural world and back, visitors pass through key locations from the spellbinding movies. Also, there will be an indoor play and rides area and a restaurant.
Park Opening: 5 April 2014. www.europapark.de

Hansa Park, Sierksdorf, Kids Area
Hansa Park will present a new indoor kids area “Fandaco dei Tedeschi” for the 2014 season. The new attraction offers exciting join-in fun such as two thriling free-fall slides and a huge softball shooting area with up to 16 cannons. For a break, guests can visit the café bar where they can relax with a cappuccino and home-made cakes. There will also be a new variety show “Flying Balance” and two new 4D movies in the Fantastic Cinema.
Park Opening: 16 April 2014. www.hansapark.de

Heide-Park, Soltau, Roller Coaster
Germany’s first wing coaster “Flight of the Demons” takes off at Heide Park Resort. Roller coaster fans and daring riders, 10 years old and older, will experience a unique flying feeling with eight different flight maneuvers. In addition to its spectacular track, the Wing Coaster offers riders the unique experience of being suspended in the air with nothing above or below them. Obstacles are dodged at the last second; the trains swoop under bridges; and tracks and then disappear underground.
Park Opening: 29 March 2014. www.heide-park.de

Holiday Park, Hassloch, Roller Coaster
A European first is coming to Holiday Park in 2014. “Sky Scream” will be a breathtaking rollercoaster, which will launch visitors up to 100 km/h back and forth. The new attraction will be set in an immersing vampire and zombie environment. Guests encounter some high thrilling elements such as a non-inverted loop and in-line twists, all at dazzling heights.
Park opening: 12 April 2014. www.holidaypark.de

Movie Park Germany, Bottrop, Family Attraction
Movie Park premieres pure excitement, an adventure filled journey in a long forgotten time, an unexplored world with prehistoric animals, temples and dinosaurs deep beneath the park in its new attraction “The Lost Temple”. Thanks to modern film and animation techniques, including 4D effects and a 360° screen, the guests experience a thrilling story and become part of the storytelling process.
Park Opening: 4 April 2014. www.moviepark.de

Cinecittà World, Rome, New Park

2014 marks the opening of “Cinecittà World”, located in Rome, Italy. The new park will be part of the great tradition of the international cinema industry, offering Rome inhabitants, Italian and international tourists a superb new entertainment opportunity. The park will occupy an area of over 140 hectares and will be one of Italy’s first theme parks dedicated to movies. Cinecittà World will bear the signature of triple Academy Award® winner production designer Dante Ferretti, and has been designed to be a perfect blend of cinema, culture and fun. The area will be developed even further in the following years with a planned resort, the extension of “Cinecittà World” and “Cinecittà Natura”, a 75 hectares EcoPark.
Park Opening: Mid-2014. www.cinecittaworld.com

Attractiepark Slagharen, Slagharen, Camp site facility

Attractiepark introduces a new accommodation option just a bow-and-arrow shot away from the park. New luxury Wigwams will open next to the existing basic Wigwam tents and offer more comfort, with larger sleeping areas, modern kitchens, TV and in-suite facilities with floor heating.
Park Opening: April 4th 2014. www.slagharen.com

Drouwenerzand Attractiepark, Drouwen, Family Attraction
Drouwenerzand is the place to be for some ghost pleasure this year. New for the 2014 season is a family ghost house called “Inferno”. Also, the park is presenting its first Halloween event in October.
Park Opening: April 5th 2014. www.drouwenerzand.com

Efteling, Kaatsheuvel, New Show
Spring gets off to a good start this year as a new Aquanura water show “The Second Efteling Symphony” debuts April 1 in Kaatsheuvel. With this new musical extravaganza, Europe’s largest water show provides wonder and amazement for visitors young and old and is the perfect finale to an unforgettable day at Efteling. Also, the Piraña wild water ride and The White Horse self-service restaurant have been renovated for the new season and both offer brand new experiences.
Park Open All Year. www.efteling.com

Hunderfossen, Lillehammer, Roller Coaster

Norwegian-based Hunderfossen presents “Il Tempo Extra Gigante”, a spectacular new roller coaster ride in cooperation with the Aukrust Foundation. Visitors get to ride a unique race car which will bring them to a height of 25 meters where they will encounter a 45 degree drop followed by a great race full of twists and turns. Park Opening: 25th May 2014. www.hunderfossen.no

Sochi Park, Sochi, New Park

“Sochi Park” is a brand new theme park located on the site of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. It is the first theme park based on the rich cultural and historical heritage of Russia. It features five areas where tales live and adventures rule. Go on an adventure with more than 12 rides including three rollercoasters. There will also be shows, shops, cafés and restaurants and even a grand hotel in medieval style called the Bogatyr Hotel.
Park Opening: June 2014. www.sochipark.ru

Parque Warner Madrid, Madrid, Water Park

Next season, “Parque Warner Madrid” opens a 30.000 m2 water park: Warner Beach. The park theme is centered around the world-famous Warner Bros characters including the Looney Tunes, Flintstones, Scooby-Doo and more. Visitors can enjoy huge swimming pools, a slow river, and multiple play areas for the whole family. A beach, a solarium, and two restaurants round out the experience so families can enjoy the whole day together. The park will be accessible from inside Parque Warner Madrid.
Park Opening: Second half of June 2014. www.parquewarner.com

Parques De Atraciones, Madrid, Kids Area
Parques De Atraciones debuts a new Nickelodeon area for families that is devoted to some of the most beloved characters from television. Guests will visit Europe’s only “Spongebob Squarepants House” and spend the whole day with Dora and Diego from Dora the Explorer, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Jimmy Neutron. In addition to meeting their favorite characters, parents and children will together enjoy ten rides for an unforgettable day.
Opening day: Spring 2014. www.parquedeatracciones.es

Port Aventura, Salou, Family Attraction
Inspired by the Asian Jungles, Port Aventura presents a new interactive water ride Angkor: “Lost Kingdom Adventure”. This water boat ride will be unique due to its Asian themed environment and because of its circuit length of 300 meters which makes it the longest of its sort in Europe. Passengers can enjoy plenty of water fun with their water jets, or even take aim at other boats and onlookers.
Park Opening: April 11th 2014. www.portaventura.es

Liseberg, Göteborg, Roller Coaster

Liseberg introduces a multi-launch roller coaster right in the heart of the park. The attraction named “Helix”, takes its riders on a smooth journey of almost 1.4 kilometers with heights over 52 meters at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour. The ride will include seven inversions, three airtime hills and plenty of drops, turns and twists. This new ride will be Scandinavia's largest, fastest and longest roller coaster when it opens.
Park Opening: April 26th 2014. www.liseberg.com

Conny-Land, Lipperswil, Family Attraction

Conny-Land presents “Mammut-Tree - wild and scary!”, a new family attraction. The new ride is a ropeway which goes over the whole park area. The 16-seat gondola suddenly stops inside a giant Mammut-Tree, and is surrounded in total darkness. Then, passengers feel as if they are in the middle of a thunderstorm -- gondola shakes, the wind blows, lightning flashes, water splashes, and there is thunder. After a few wild and scary moments inside the Mammut-Tree, the ropeway drives back to the base.
Park Opening: April 5th 2014. www.connyland.ch

United Kingdom
Alton Towers, Alton, Kids Area

Alton Towers Resort launches “CBeebies Land” which will be home to an exciting range of themed rides, attractions, and live entertainment. The interactive new land is set to be the only place where you can meet, join in, and play with all your favourite CBeebies characters and will be a completely immersive experience for children and young families to create new experiences and inspire learning through play.
Park Opening: 22nd March 2014. www.altontowers.com

Chessington World of Adventures Resort, Chessington, Family Attraction
“Scorpion Express” - a new ride experience set within Mexicana’s Scorpion Valley - a land of sweeping sands and gold mines opens at Chessington World of Adventures. Adventurers must board the old train of the Scorpion Express as it’s the only way to cross the ruins of the gold mines in this abandoned town. The Resort is also expanding in August 2014 with the launch of the new Chessington Azteca Hotel - located on park with 69 fully themed bedrooms. Park opening: 19th March 2014. Website: www.chessington.com

Thorpe Park, Surrey, New Themed Area
Thorpe Park will open a brand new fully-themed land based on the popular characters of Angry Birds. The new area will be a must-see attraction for families and fans of all ages of the feathered flocks and piggy characters. “Angry Birds Land” will contain the world’s first Angry Birds 4D experience, the Angry Birds invade Detonator and a brand new Dodgems attraction.
Park Opening: March 20th 2014. www.thorpepark.com

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