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Networking - March 2017

IAAPA Europe, Middle East, and Africa to Hold Networking Event in Poland

From May 8 to 10, industry professionals from the region will gather in Krakau, Poland, for the IAAPA Europe, Middle East, and Africa Spring Forum 2017. Attendees will have the opportunity to network with nearby colleagues and learn more about leisure development in emerging markets. The event consists of a number of tours and insight from attractions experts. Here’s a look at the sites attendees will visit:


With more than 26 hectares of rides, shows, and attractions for all ages, this theme park provides a full day of fun for local families. Energylandia is home to 30 attractions, including the “Mayan” roller coaster, which races through five inversions. Keep an eye out for construction of the park’s new Intamin hypercoaster, set to open in 2018. The new ride will feature a 272-foot first drop at 85 degrees and reach speeds of up to 89 mph. It will also be a record-breaker—on track to be the highest and fastest lifthill coaster in Europe.

Rynek Underground

In 2005, excavation began on a 4,000-square-meter archeological site below Krakau’s main square. Now, that completely subterranean excavation is Rynek Underground, a museum that presents a look at life in Poland nearly 700 years ago. Blending artifacts, restored archeological sites, and special effects, this museum tells the story of medieval Krakau just meters below bustling modern life.

Wieliczka Salt Mine

A UNESCO World Heritage site since 1978, the Wieliczka Salt Mine features a series of galleries, chapels, and artwork that have told the story of salt mining since the 13th century. Visitors travel underground to explore subterranean chambers carved into the rock and decked with sculptures made of salt and precious materials.