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Mass Effect: New Earth - August 2016

California’s Great America

Santa Clara, California


“Mass Effect: New Earth” gives guests an opportunity to save the day in the sci-fi universe of Electronic Arts’ (EA) Mass Effect video game franchise.

The immersive attraction combines motion-based seating with 3-D visuals and 4-D effects including alien spit and smells. A live actor playing Captain Conrad Verner leads passengers on the interstellar trip to Terra Nova. Guests will get to experience a Mass Relay getaway on a grand scale, travel alongside the famous Normandy starship, and experience a crash landing.

California’s Great America partnered with EA on the attraction. BioWare, which made the game for EA, delivered “a unique experience that maintained the nuances of Mass Effect,” says the park’s PR manager, Roger Ross. 3D Live created the world’s largest 3-D LED screen, with 4K resolution and more than 8 million pixels on screen. Halon and MediaMation also contributed to the project.