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Marketing - January 2017

Make Integrated Marketing Work

by James Careless

For amusement park and attraction operators, creating marketing campaigns that work well across social media, online, print, radio, TV, and other media is a tremendous challenge.

Beating this challenge was tackled during “Successful Integrated Marketing: The Right Tools For a Great Campaign.” The session was presented by Maggie Warner, digital media/public relations manager with Morey’s Piers and Beachfront Water Parks, and Rob Reed, chief creative guy with One Trick Pony.

According to Reed, successful integrated marketing begins by “identifying the mission”—deciding what the integrated marketing campaign is trying to achieve. “Write a brief to define the goal,” he said.

Once the brief has been fleshed out and checked, the next stage is to develop the campaign’s specific ideas and messages. For Morey’s Piers, One Trick Pony came up with slogans like “More Summer Than Your Summer” and “More Summer Than A Summer Can Handle,” which tested well with the park’s target audiences. These were checked against the Morey’s Piers brief, to make sure they fit the mission.

At this point, Warner got most of the Morey’s Piers managers to buy into the new campaign, and asked the few doubters to “just trust us and we’ll just drag you along for the ride.” From here, the campaign’s content was tailored to communicate well across all media while the “More Summer” message remained constant, which is central to executing a successful integrated marketing campaign.