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Lost Kingdom - August 2016

Paultons Park

Hampshire, England


Paultons Park is bringing the prehistoric past back to life with its £9 million Lost Kingdom. The four-acre themed land is designed to appeal to children over 6 years old.

“Lost Kingdom” is “a truly unique experience where families can be thrown back millions of years to see, hear, and feel a prehistoric world,” says Paultons’ managing director, Richard Mancey.

RMA Themed Attractions created the master plan and conceptual theming designs for Lost Kingdom, and was heavily involved in its construction and theming.

The attraction includes two Vekoma family roller coasters: “The Flight of the Pterosaur,” a suspended family coaster and the first of its type in the UK; and the “Velociraptor” Boomerang coaster. Zierer supplied a “Dino Chase” coaster suitable for smaller children. Zamperla’s “Boulder Dash” (Demolition Derby) spins riders around in giant dinosaur eggs and rocks. “Temple Heights” is another Zamperla ride, and Metallbau Emmeln did the “Dinosaur Tour Company” Jeep ride. There are 27 animatronic dinosaurs for guests to spot, as well as a “Little Explorers” adventure play park.