Letter from the Chairman

Chair Letter

A Life-Changing Year

As each of the past 12 months has gone by, I’ve learned more and more about this great industry, my fellow park owners and operators, and what makes this business so special: the people.

During my year as IAAPA Chairman of the Board, I’ve not only had the pleasure to serve the many constituencies of this international association, but I’ve also had the opportunity to visit parks and learn what lies ahead for them and what challenges they face.

For example, a recent trip to Italy’s Gardaland led to great discussions about green energy and safety. In Eastern Europe, I saw new projects like Adventure World Warsaw, and my visits to parks in Asia opened my eyes to the innovation and creativity happening at Ocean Park Hong Kong and Hong Kong Disneyland, as well as in forthcoming facilities in Mainland China like Chimelong. Plus, I was able to see firsthand how the annual IAAPA Leadership Conference has grown and thrived, with the promise of more offerings for its attendees as it moves to Brazil next year.

The people who staff IAAPA’s regional offices are at the core of how we serve our members worldwide. We hope you can tell the association is taking steps to speak to you in your own languages, so you can feel a stronger connection not only with IAAPA, but with the broader attractions industry. The regional offices’ goal is to deepen relationships with current members and also bring new people, companies, and facilities into IAAPA, which will in turn strengthen us all as we tap into even broader perspectives from around the globe.

There is always more work to be done to develop other regions and ensure our services are the best they can be, but from where I’m standing the future is bright.

I’d like to thank my family, my fellow board members, IAAPA President and CEO Chip Cleary, the Europa-Park and Mack Rides teams, and the dedicated IAAPA staff for supporting me during my year as Chairman. And, most important, thanks to all of you who welcomed me into your countries and your facilities, to share with me your passion and ideas and dreams for this wonderful industry. This is a year I’ll never forget.


Roland Mack
IAAPA Chairman of the Board

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