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Letter from the Chairman - January 2017

A Diverse Industry Makes Us All Stronger

Dear colleagues:

I’m writing to you now at the conclusion of IAAPA Attractions Expo 2016 in Orlando. What an experience! As you’ll see in this issue of Funworld, it was a record-breaking show in every aspect, and I want to thank all 35,000-plus of you who participated in the event for making it such a smashing success.

As the industry came together in Central Florida for the Expo, I saw how truly international IAAPA has become. I’ve been involved with the association for two decades now, and making the “I” in IAAPA more than something just in name only has been a longtime goal for the entire organization. I’m pleased to tell you we’ve accomplished that objective. There were representatives from more than 100 countries at this year’s Expo, and one of the best parts about being chairman of the board, I’m already learning, is the opportunities to meet so many more people during the Expo than I normally would. Whether I was attending receptions, educational sessions, or walking the trade show floor, I was constantly seeing new faces and shaking new hands. I was struck yet again how vibrant and diverse our industry is.

I was also reminded how strong this diversity makes all of us. One of the goals for my year as chairman is to help facilitate sharing of best practices and mutual learning opportunities around the globe. I’ve seen first-hand from my own work how powerful we can be when we come together around a common goal. I hope to see this happen in 2017 in all facets of our industry, from all corners of the world.

It was clear from IAAPA Attractions Expo the industry is healthy and growing. It’s the association’s job to assist in that growth, particularly in new markets just finding their footing in our business. I’m honored to serve in that effort in any way I can as IAAPA Chairman. And I thank you in advance for all you’re going to do in 2017 to help further that cause through generous donations of your time and expertise. Our association is only as strong as you make it!


Greg Hale

2017 IAAPA Chairman of the Board