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Letter from the CEO - February 2017

IAAPA Membership Benefits Everyone in Your Organization

Dear IAAPA members:

We are thrilled to feature Topgolf on the cover of this month’s Funworld. Our magazine’s mission is to highlight visionaries in the attractions industry, and Topgolf certainly qualifies. This groundbreaking company has transformed the traditional driving-range experience into an attraction that appeals to a wide demographic. Its multi-faceted approach and family-friendly focus make Topgolf a perfect new entrant into our industry.

I’m also thrilled to welcome Topgolf as a new IAAPA member. The company represents an important segment of the association’s membership, where membership doesn’t just reside in Topgolf’s corporate headquarters in Dallas, Texas, but rather extends to all of its 30-plus facilities in the United States and United Kingdom. Topgolf’s joining IAAPA is just one example of how the association’s benefits extend throughout an entire organization, whether you have one facility or 50.

IAAPA’s goal is to engage as many of you and your colleagues as possible, no matter where you may currently sit on your company’s organizational chart. Whether you are looking for online learning opportunities, industry data and other information, ways to connect with other industry professionals, or access to all of our events throughout the year, there are so many different ways the association can help you advance your career.

To the leaders, in particular, throughout our amazing industry around the world, I encourage you to bring as many of your employees into the IAAPA fold as possible. From upper management to frontline staff, engaging with us will help you, your employees, and your companies. If you’d like some assistance in discovering ways to better engage with us, please visit our website, www.IAAPA.org, and seek out our regional offices in Asia-Pacific, Latin America, North America, or Europe, Middle East, and Africa; or send an e-mail to our global membership department at membership@IAAPA.org. We look forward to hearing from you! 


Paul Noland is President and CEO of IAAPA.