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Lake of Illusions - August 2016

Happy Valley

Shanghai, China


Asian theme-park chain OCT Group and multimedia spectacular specialist ECA2 debuted a dazzling new display at the Happy Valley amusement park on July 10.

At night, “Lake of Illusions” transforms a striking, 32-meter-high octagonal tower into the centerpiece of a show inspired by China’s storytelling traditions.

“‘Lake of Illusions’ was conceived to stand out in every dimension. It’s a true 360-degree icon that dominates its setting and intrigues the park’s visitors,” says show producer Jean-Christophe Canizares, chairman and CEO of ECA2. Around 1,000 spectators can watch the 18-minute extravaganza.

The illuminated tower appears to sprout wings during the production, which marries pixel mapping technology with water jets, moving lights, mist, flames, lasers, sound, and video projection. The show introduces a new Spiro Screen effect from ECA2, which uses rotating water jets to produce a giant spectral surface for video, light, and laser images. ECA2 did the show design and direction; OCT and ECA2 handled production.