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Kansas Ride Safety Bill Signed into Law

Kansas Ride Safety Bill Signed into Law

Senate Bill 70 (SB70), a bill that strengthens Kansas' amusement ride safety regulations, was signed into law on Monday, April 24 by Governor Sam Brownback. 

IAAPA strongly supports effective amusement ride safety regulation enacted by the states. The association applauds the Kansas legislature for passing SB70, and is appreciative of the opportunity to provide information on globally recognized safety standards and best practices. IAAPA also recognizes the work of Representative John Whitmer (R-93), whose experience in the amusement industry was instrumental to help improve the legislation.

The legislation makes improvements to Kansas' regulation of amusement rides in several areas, including permitting, registration, fees collected, injury reporting, insurance, requirements for qualified inspectors, and more.

SB70 takes effect July 1, 2017.

If you have any questions please contact Erika Scheffer at escheffer@IAAPA.org.