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Global Amusement Industry Safety Experts Gathered with 140 Industry Operators in Cancun, Mexico, for First-of-Its-Kind IAAPA Safety Forum


Global Amusement Industry Safety Experts Gathered with 140 Industry Operators in Cancun, Mexico, for First-of-Its-Kind IAAPA Safety Forum

MEXICO CITY, Mexico (Sept. 14, 2018) – Amusement industry safety professionals and representatives traveled from around the globe to Cancun, Mexico, to take part in a first-of-its-kind safety forum. Organized by the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) and its Global Safety Committee, the Forum focused on the importance of having a deep-rooted culture of safety across all facets of the attractions industry and the need for comprehensive safety programs.

Safety is the number one priority in the global attractions industry: safety for guests, safety for employees, and the safe operation and maintenance of plant and equipment. The IAAPA Safety Forum provided an opportunity for more than 140 attractions operators and owners to come together to examine issues regarding creating and maintaining comprehensive safety programs, and to learn the latest developments and best practices in ride standards, loss prevention, risk management, ride design, and safety compliance issues. 

The IAAPA Safety Forum also provided industry stakeholders with direct access to the world’s leading safety experts during an interactive program. Attendees from all position levels and companies took part in the active and passionate session. Invited stakeholders included government officials; operators of both portable and fixed rides; safety consultants; operators of water parks, theme parks, amusement and water parks; hotels and resorts; facilities that offer dolphin swim programs; operators of inflatables and carnivals; consumer advocates, manufacturers and suppliers; ride inspectors and teachers and students.

Two moderated panels featured distinguished global safety experts who brought decades of safety experience to the program. They shared their passion, knowledge, and experience with Forum attendees.

The IAAPA Safety Forum was hosted by Ventura Entertainment’s Ventura Park. As part of the Forum, attendees also had the opportunity to take part in an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of Ventura Park. 

Attendee quotes:

“The IAAPA Safety Forum exceeded our expectations,” shared Carlos Limon, safety corporate director, Grupo Vidanta. “We had the opportunity to learn industry safety best practices from international experts. Endorsing and supporting a culture of safety at our organization helps provide added value to our guest experience.” 

“Taking part in the first IAAPA Safety Forum this week, allowed us to meet and talk with respected industry leaders from amusement parks and attractions around the world,” said Reyna Nuñez, corporate risk analysis and integral safety, Experiencias Xcaret. “We discussed their points of view and recommendations, shared advice and experience, and so much more. And what better place to do this than in the Riviera Maya. Above all, the Forum allowed us to come together to help create a vision for a better future for our industry, and always leading with safety and unparalleled customer service.” 

“I was delighted to have the opportunity to participate on the expert panel and to be a part of this first Safety Forum in Latin America,” said David Bromilow, amusement parks and attractions director, Mobaro, Denmark. “The feedback and enthusiasm were outstanding. This Forum is just the beginning and serves as a starting point for future safety programs.” 

“This was the first time I attended an event hosted by IAAPA,” said Yared Jacobo, operations manager, La Gran Rueda Cancun. “I found it interesting. Safety is fundamental, but we don’t always discuss it or approach it as an important part of our business. The speakers guided us through many issues that arise and helped provide us with the tools and policies we can use in our businesses. I hope to attend future IAAPA events; there is still much more to learn! 

“We were excited with the results from our first IAAPA safety forum,” said Paulina Reyes, vice president, Latin American Operations, IAAPA. “Cancun was the perfect location for this forum. Mexico is experiencing rapid growth and development in the attractions and theme park industry, and several world-class projects will open across the country in the coming months. It has been a great experience to bring industry professionals together for transparent and open discussions about safety, the global attractions industry, and our common goal to ensure safe operations around the world.”

“It was important to bring together regulators, safety experts, industry consultants, manufacturers, and operators from all corners of the business so that we can learn from each other,” added Jim Seay, chairman of the IAAPA Global Safety Committee and president, Premier Rides, “Through the insightful presentations and frank discussions that took place during the Forum, we were able to connect industry professionals to have a better understanding of the issues we face around the world. The Forum was an important next step to help ensure safety remains at the forefront in everything we do in the amusement industry. It will certainly leave a lasting impression and impact safety practices around the world.”  

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Celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2018, the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) began as an advocacy office in 1918. Since that time, IAAPA has become the largest international trade association for permanently located attractions dedicated to the preservation and prosperity of the global attractions industry. As a non-profit organization, IAAPA represents more than 5,600 attraction, supplier, and individual members from more than 100 countries. Members include professionals from amusement parks, theme parks, attractions; water parks, resorts; family entertainment centers; zoos, aquariums; science centers, museums; and industry manufacturers and suppliers.

IAAPA helps members improve their efficiency, marketing, safety, and profitability while maintaining the highest possible professional standards in the industry worldwide.

The association's global headquarters is in Orlando, Florida, US. The non-profit organization maintains offices in Brussels, Belgium; Hong Kong, China; Shanghai, China; Mexico City, Mexico; and Alexandria, Virginia, US. To learn more, visit www.IAAPA.org or connect through social media channels: @IAAPAHQ #IAAPA100


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