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Game Report - February 2017

Card Pushers Lead Strong IAAPA Attractions Expo 2016 Field of New Products

A number of new and exciting games debuted at IAAPA Attractions Expo 2016 last November in Orlando. Here are some new products that will introduce excitement into any game room.

First is the newer concept of collecting cards from coin pushers. In this genre of game, players try to collect all of the cards in the series by pushing them off the playfield to win the jackpot. First is Andamiro’s (www.andamiro) two-player “SpongeBob Pineapple Express” (available now). In this game, players try to time their coins to go through one of the rotating pineapple holes to either win tickets or to launch a card onto the playfield. Players can try to collect all nine cards; a Flying Dutchman, for example, is worth 100 tickets. Players also win tickets from coins pushed over the edge of the gaming platform.

Namco (www.bandainamco-am.com) debuted the “DC Super Heroes” pusher (out now). This unit is four sided, with each side featuring its own superhero theme (Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Superman). Players can try to collect both sets of hero and villain cards to get a super bonus. Tickets can also be won by pushing coins over the edge of the platform or by getting coins to land on a wheel to either win tickets or launch a card onto the playfield.

Elaut (www.elaut.com) showcased its two-player “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” (April). Here players try to collect cards from the classic film to win the jackpot. Players try to win tickets from a display board on the game. One aspect of “Wonka” that encourages repeat play is to try and win the Golden Ticket card through a display board. If the players can fill all of the lights on the playfield they can either win tickets or the special card, worth 1,000 tickets.

Another new game at the Expo was Adrenaline Amusements’ (aagames.com) four-sided “Crazy Tower” (out now). Players try to build a tower by stopping the parts of the tower as they go back and forth on the screen. They need to be careful to line the parts of the building correctly; if they don’t, the blocks get smaller, thus making it harder to line them up. The jackpot can be won by reaching the high score.

Raw Thrills (rawthrills.com) exhibited a theater-style shooter based on TV megahit “The Walking Dead,” as well as “Cruis’n Blast” (both available now). “The Walking Dead” has players use a crossbow gun to try and kill zombies. “Crus’n Blast” is based on the classic game “Cruis’n Exotica”; players race with Lamborghinis, Corvettes, and off-the-wall options like dinosaurs or a horse-pulled cart. 

Peter Manougian is the manager and games purchaser for Fun World, an FEC in Nashua, New Hampshire.