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Letter from IAAPA Asia-Pacific - June 2017

As the Asia-Pacific Region Grows So, Too, Does IAAPA

Dear colleagues:


In the various industries I’ve worked—airlines, manufacturing, and product management, to name a few—I have never experienced the same kind of economic growth and industry passion from members as I have during my two and a half years with IAAPA. Our members are what make our association great, and our staff works fervently on your behalf.

Every June marks the first of the three international Expos IAAPA hosts each year. The summer is always an exciting time, and this month IAAPA’s annual Asian Attractions Expo (AAE) travels to Singapore. While this is a busy season for many of our members around the world, we are so appreciative of the support you show the association during AAE, making each year feel even better and more exciting than the last. This will be our first Expo in Singapore since 2013, so we are looking forward to seeing and experiencing all the new ways our industry has changed in this important location over the past several years. 

“IAAPA membership in Asia-Pacific continues to expand by 10 percent each year.”

The Asia-Pacific attractions industry continues to grow, and IAAPA is doing a lot to support our members in the region. Your IAAPA team in Hong Kong, in conjunction with IAAPA’s global headquarters in the United States, has worked relentlessly to increase member services and benefits in this part of the world. 

IAAPA membership in the Asia-Pacific region continues to expand by 10 percent each year. To support all this growth and our commitment to members in the region, our Asia-Pacific office has added full-time staffers, and we are exploring the idea of opening a new office in China. Our efforts include work in safety, education, government relations, and more. We established a new Asia-Pacific government relations subcommittee in 2016, and we’ve nearly doubled the amount of overall member engagement with IAAPA services through webinars, networking events, educational institutes, and more. 

Asian Attractions Expo 2017 is where all these efforts coalesce over the course of one spectacular week. It is a great time to build relationships, learn about the industry, and see a plethora of innovations in products and services. I am so looking forward to seeing you in Singapore!


June Ko 
IAAPA Vice President, Asia-Pacific Operations