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Asian Attractions Expo 2017 - April 2017

The Crossroads of Innovation

With interactive sessions, a bustling trade show floor, and networking opportunities galore, Asian Attractions Expo 2017 heads to Singapore

Every business reaches the crossroads of innovation, where the best practices of the past intersect with the bright ideas of the present to lead to a victorious future. At Asian Attractions Expo 2017, the two paths join for four days of insight from time-tested industry leaders and a look at tomorrow’s game-changers on the trade show floor. Gather the keys to navigate the path to success from June 13 to 16 at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

The Trade Show Floor: Where East Meets West

Asian Attractions Expo draws exhibitors from all over the world, and this year is no exception. More than 300 manufacturers and suppliers from 30 countries are expected to fill the trade show floor. High-level executives and decision makers will be able to roam more than 9,000 net square meters of exhibition space. The trade show floor is open June 14 to 16.

Game-Changing Connections

Movers and shakers from all over the globe will gather at Asian Attractions Expo 2017. Attendees will forge new connections from continents away and strengthen existing relationships during networking events like the Opening Ceremony, which kicks off the event. Those who want to meet industry colleagues in the heart of Singapore’s attractions world won’t want to miss the Opening Reception at Universal Studios Singapore. Guests will have the opportunity to mingle while observing the Asian expansion of this international brand.

Next-Level Education

Experts from the international attractions industry will present on a number of ideas changing the way business is done (see p. 29 for more details). New this year are interactive sessions called “labs.” In these workshop-style sessions, attendees work together in small groups to engage with the topic. Lab topics include food and beverage, safety, and human resources.

The IAAPA Institute programs will also take place during Asian Attractions Expo 2017. The IAAPA Institute for Attractions Managers runs June 11–13. This program is for mid-level managers and guides participants through interactive activities that involve problem solving in common areas of attractions management, like finance and operations. The IAAPA Safety Institute takes place June 13. The one-day program is conducted by experts in the field of safety.

EDUTours take learning into the field, with guided experiences at the Singapore Zoo and Mega Adventure Park (see p. 29 for more details). And, attendees interested in learning from a key executive will not want to miss the Leadership Breakfast.

Education Sessions

Asian Attractions Expo 2017 offers a wide variety of education sessions for all levels of industry professionals. Here’s a look at what to expect this year:

What’s New in Asia

A panel of industry leaders discusses the latest trends and attractions in the region.

Creating and Elevating Special Events

Discover how creating consumer events increases guest value and provides a positive return on investment for your attraction. A panel of industry leaders in entertainment, marketing, food and beverage, and merchandise will share innovative ideas and compelling insights on how to build the perfect event.

Delivering Transformational Guest Experiences Through Business Analytics

Today’s successful media brands use sophisticated audience development techniques to differentiate themselves. When combined with smarter infrastructure and analytics, these emerging frameworks open new ways to know and serve guests. As user-generated content, social and mobile media, and smart devices create new opportunities for personal expression and sharing, they also create new opportunities for brand identification and brand extension. Learn to better engage guests by looking at experiences holistically, across the entire engagement lifecycle and across the customer relationship as a whole.

The New World of Ideas and Digital Experiences in Theme Parks

Discover new ways to advance an attraction technologically, increase profit margins, and ensure guest safety.

The Food and Beverage Learning Lab: New Ideas to Drive Revenue and Value Through Upselling

Explore proven techniques to drive in-park revenue sales through the art of upselling. Topics include who needs to be part of the program, what should be upsold, guest reactions, and engaging staff.

The HR Lab: Exploring an Effective Themed Recognition Program

Well-designed recognition programs can have a positive effect on employee engagement. This session uses small group activities to explore effective and creative recognition techniques that can increase productivity and engagement.


See best practices at work with EDUTours at Asian Attractions Expo 2017. Check out www.IAAPA.org/AsianAttractionsExpo for an up-to-date and complete listing of offerings.

Singapore Zoo

This award-winning, 26-hectare wildlife park is nestled in the Singaporean jungle and home to more than 2,800 animals. It specializes in providing immersive experiences and unique vantage points of the animals, living in habitats designed to closely replicate their natural environments. Guided by principles of wildlife conservation, the facility is also a learning zoo, dedicated to creating a deeper connection between guests and the animals. Attendees will learn how the operations team manages one of the world’s largest rainforest bio domes and peek into the treatment rooms of the zoo’s hospital.

Mega Adventure Park

The focus of this Sentosa Island park is to give guests the opportunity to challenge themselves through adventure. Combining ziplines, high-ropes courses, climbing walls, and more, Mega Adventure Park provides a complete look into the operations of an adventure park. Mega Adventure Park specializes in team-building experiences, as well. This tour will provide a behind-the-scenes look at the safety protocols and operational checks employed at the park.

Play as the Universal Language of Our Business

Focusing on interactive play can lead to improved length of stay, guest satisfaction, and a stronger sense of community. Physical play connects humans through shared experiences that entice individuals to engage with others in ways the digital age leaves behind. Gain insights into four play styles and how understanding each can help operators increase profit and drive attendance.

Redefining Your Attraction As a Destination

Over the past 10 years, the growth of the tourism and leisure industry in Asia has increased rapidly. Hear how attractions leaders are dealing with an increasingly competitive field and a new breed of visitors who are more sophisticated, better traveled, and more plugged into technology and social media.

The Safety Learning Lab

This interactive workshop covers the basic steps of developing a safety culture, conducting risk assessments, and using facility information to create a hazard-free environment for staff and guests.

A World of New Ideas— Multimedia Spectaculars

From the shows of established attractions to Asia-Pacific’s recent productions, explore the power of multimedia spectaculars. Discover why destination decision makers added spectacular attractions to drive attendance, the latest trends, and lessons learned.